About Us

Every tea has a story to tell

Trader Nicks Tea Co is an online tea shop established at the end of 2019 with husband and wife team Nick and Nicolette Spears. After over a decade of experience in the tea trade, they wanted to get more on the creative side and tell stories through tea. Taking inspiration from theme parks, movies, attractions, and more, they have artfully created unique tea blends to bring the magic home.

For many, tea is not just something you drink, it is an exploration for the senses. With the smells and tastes, tea is strongly connected to memory and can give you feelings of nostalgia. Playing off of those tea memories, Nick and Nic blend their teas with attention to detail making them as immersive as possible.       

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About the tea blends

All of Trader Nicks Teas are completely unique from other tea shops. The teas are personally sourced, blended, and packed in their facility in Clearwater, Florida. Traders Nic & Nick continually taste their teas to ensure quality and consistency. To ensure the highest quality, all of their tea blends are made with whole leaf teas and herbs. 

Together, they have created all of the names, descriptions, art and designs themselves. This is a time-consuming labor of love that all starts with a spark of imagination and flair of creativity. Each flavor and brush stroke of color contributes to the full development of the theme of the tea; the appearance, taste, and color of the tea are all important details behind their brand. 

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Meet the Nicks

Nick and Nicolette are incredibly passionate about tea and they have been in the tea business together since 2012 when they opened their first tea business. Going back even further to 2006, Nicolette first started working at a small tea shop in Phoenix, AZ, and went on to sell tea through college in Missouri. They continue to operate a tea shop near Orlando, Florida, as well as Trader Nicks Tea Co.

Suffice to say, tea is what they do.

Meet Nick

Nick’s first trip to Walt Disney World was back in the mid 1980s, and he is a huge fan of retro Disney. One of his favorites times at WDW was on his honeymoon with wife Nicolette in 2013. At the parks, you will find him people watching or just taking in the sights. He keeps the business running doing all of the behind the scenes work. 

Meet Nicolette

Nic was born into a Disney loving family in Phoenix, AZ and went to Disneyland throughout her childhood. At the parks, you will find Nicolette behind a camera, dancing, or running around with a tea cup. She is the one behind the label artwork design and social media.