Frequently Asked Questions

Although most orders will arrive in 4-7 days, we ask that you allow up to 10 days for arrival. We typically ship orders using the US Postal Service, however we may use UPS on occasion. Most orders are shipped at the end of the week Thursday & Friday. International shipping can take up to 2-3 weeks. 

We ship to most countries. If your country is not listed, please send us an email and we will work with you directly. 

We offer discounted flat rate shipping based on the state or country you live in. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns since tea is a food item, however if you are unhappy with your purchase, reach out to us and we will assist you in any way possible.

We sell our teas by weight and not by volume, some teas are very light and fluffy while others are dense and compact. 

We ship our teas in attractive, foil-lined pouches that have a resealable zipper; these pouches will keep your tea fresh for up to 6 months. Do not store your tea in the refrigerator or near spices or other strong aromas. For longer term storage, we suggest using a tin with a tight-fitting lid, because it keeps it away from moisture and light.

We sell our teas in primarily 2 sizes: our small size bag is 50 grams which is enough tea to make 20-25 eight ounce cups of tea, our larger size bag is 100 grams which is enough tea to make 40-50 eight ounce cups of tea. If you need a larger size bag, please contact us; price breaks are available for larger amounts of tea. All of our teas include original artwork labels that bring the magic into your home. FYI, one teaspoon of tea leaves weigh about 2-4 grams depending on volume.

Teas that list flavor as an ingredient have a flavor that is in the form of an extract or essential oil that is applied to the tea leaves by our food certified tea suppliers. Our suppliers use botanical flavorings that meet or exceed all US and EU directives and guidelines. Extensive quality controls ensure our teas are perfectly safe for consumption. Our suppliers have proven track records of quality and safety and have been leaders in the tea industry for over a hundred years in some cases.

Among our tea offerings, some are organic and some are not. Some of the small tea farms and collectives that we source from are too small to afford the organic certification or pesticides for that matter. Our tea brokers and trusted international importers fully inspect and rigorously test all teas before they arrive at our facility. Click here to see all of our organic tea offerings.

All of our teas are high quality loose leaf tea, and are not available in traditional tea bags. However, you can make your own tea bags using tsac brand tea bags, which we proudly offer on our website. In addition, for each of the teas we sell, you can choose to purchase single tea bags of that tea that we make in house using tsac.

We do not sell any brands of teas; we sell only our own uniquely sourced collection of loose leaf teas. All of our blends are totally unique to our store.

Our teas come from all over the world! Most of our tea is from the world’s number one producer and the birthplace of tea, China. We also source tea from Japan, Taiwan, India, and other locales. Be on the lookout for new sources of tea in our Tea Treasures collection coming soon.

This is total personal preference; if you love sweet tea, sweeten away! However, our personal preference is no added sweetener to any of our teas. If you are accustomed to adding sugar to your tea, and want to cut down, try starting out with some of the fruity or creamy flavored teas. We believe tea is healthiest and tastiest without any added sweeteners or milks. Keep in mind that depending on the sweetener, it may alter the taste of the tea; honey for instance, will make the brewed tea taste like honey.

This is personal preference, however we suggest trying the teas without anything added to them. If you do choose to enjoy your tea with milk, typically black teas are best suited for this. If you are out to make a latte, use more tea leaves to make a stronger brew so the flavor does not dilute. The only types of tea you should not add milk to are fruit and herbal blends; anything that has hibiscus as an ingredient you should not add milk to because the acidity of the hibiscus may cause the milk to curdle.

Our tea broker in Hamburg, Germany undertakes continuous quality controls, and is certified according to HACCP for food safety. 

All of our teas undergo periodic analysis for quality and are subject to the strict directives of the EU for food safety.

All of our teas are processed in a facility that may contain nuts and dairy. To the best of our knowledge, all of our teas are gluten-free. Known allergens are listed in the ingredients of each tea.