Meet the Nicks!

Trader Nicks Tea Co was founded by husband and wife team Nick and Nicolette Spears. They currently live in the Tampa Bay area and are just a short drive away from the magic of Walt Disney World. When they are not at WDW, you can find them at their small tea shop in Clearwater, Flying Cloud Tea, established in 2017. They have been in the tea business together since 2012 when they opened their first tea business in Louisville, KY. And going back even further to 2007, Nicolette first started working at a small tea shop in Phoenix, AZ, and continued to sell tea through college in Missouri. Suffice to say, tea is what they do.

The duo created Trader Nick’s Tea Company to combine their love of Disney and loose leaf tea. Taking inspiration from theme parks, movies, attractions, and more, they have artfully created unique tea blends to bring the magic home.

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Nick Spears

Nick’s first trip to Walt Disney World was back in the mid 1980s. However, his favorite trip was on his honeymoon with his wife, Nicolette in 2013. He is a history buff and takes particular note of all things historic at WDW and has a true appreciation for vintage Disney.

Nicolette Spears

Nic was born into a Disney family in Phoenix, AZ and went to Disneyland throughout her childhood. Her love of all things Disney never faded and when the opportunity came to move to Florida, it was a dream come true. At the parks, you will find Nicolette behind a camera seeing things with a different point of view.

Come visit us!

Visit one of our brick & mortar shops if you get a chance in Clearwater, FL and Louisville, KY.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area and would like to talk tea with Nick or Nicolette, be sure to check us out at Flying Cloud Tea. This shop serves as the base of operations for Trader Nicks Tea Co and as a tasting room for our themed blends and Tea Classics.