Our Teas

Trader Nicks Tea Company offers a completely unique collection of loose leaf teas sourced from around the world and infused with magic and adventure. All of our tea blends are unique to us – we personally source, blend, and pack orders in our facility in Clearwater, Florida. We continually taste our teas to ensure quality and consistency.

We have created all of the names, descriptions, art and design ourselves.  This is a time-consuming labor of love that all starts with a spark of imagination and flair of creativity. Each flavor and brush stroke of color contributes to the full development of the theme of the tea; the appearance, taste, and color of the tea are all important details behind our brand.

tiki tea enchanted tiki room magic kingdom

New to loose-leaf tea? Here are some helpful instructions and tips for how to steep tea. 

Learn where tea comes from and about the different types including white, green, oolong, black, and puerh.

All of our teas are loose-leaf, and for good reason! Learn more about this high quality style of tea.