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Artful Epcot Photos and Scavenger Hunt 2022

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Nick and I are always excited when we get the chance to come to Epcot during the Festival of the Arts. During this short festival in January and February, Epcot sets up booths for you to walk around and see artwork from a variety of talented artists. It is like the Art of Disney store just takes over the World Showcase.

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One cool photopass offering this year is a light art creation with Spaceship Earth behind you (pictured first). There are also  lots of fun photo opportunities that let you “live” in the art. We didn’t get around to all of them, but we had a lot of fun drinking tea with some new boating party friends. I think Nick may have to have some tea with Washington next year. 

disneypass photo op epcot arts festival washington

Washington Crossing the Delaware

disneypass photo op epcot arts festival boating part renoir tea

Luncheon of the Boating Party

Mermaid or Pirate? Arrrgh!

disneypass photo op epcot arts festival tea mermaid peter pan
disneypass photo op epcot arts festival tea pirate peter pan

Peter Pan Storybook

disneypass photo op epcot arts festival venus tea


disneypass photo op epcot arts festival tea van gogh
disneypass photo op epcot arts festival tea van gogh

Van Gogh

I love how the Festival of the Arts has so many things for you to be on the hunt for. First you have the living art paintings, but you also have the Figment Scavenger Hunt and the hidden character chalk art. Searching for things at Disney is definitely a favorite for me because it encourages you to dive deeper into the details and you may find something new. I do this a lot when I am taking photos of our teas and I end up getting new ideas in the process.

epcot festival arts mona figment

This is from the scavenger hunt, Figment’s Brush with the Masters. The Mona Figment can be seen in the Italy Pavilion. 

Chalk Full of Characters

I decided to have a little extra scavenger hunt of my own and find all of the chalk characters that are in any of the movies that have inspired one of our teas. But, there was an added time limit challenge because I came up with this idea as the sun was already setting. So I had about 30 minutes to quickly find and snap photos around the World Showcase starting in Norway and ending in the UK Pavilion.  

These are in order of me taking the photos, so you can see as I lose the light, haha. Looking back, I missed the Hyenas at the African Outpost for our Circle of Life tea and the tiny little Jiminy Cricket in Italy for Wish Upon a Tea

warm hugs snowgies tea epcot
warm hugs bruni frozen tea epcot

Snowgies and Bruni - Warm Hugs

A rooibos with cinnamon, clove, and vanilla  Learn More

pascal tangled rapunzel green tea germany

Pascal - Drop of Sunlight

A green tea with bright and sunny lemon and pineapple  Learn More 

diamond in the rough oolong abu artful epcot

Abu - Diamond in the Rough

An oolong with jasmine, peach, and earthy puerh   Learn More

Aristocats - Duchess

A white tea with sweet lavender creme   Learn More

enchanted rose tea epcot france

Lumiere - Enchanted Rose

A black tea with red rose and black currants  Learn More

Peter Pan - Happy Thoughts

A green tea full of joyful nostalgic tastes of almond, coconut, and citrus   Learn More

epcot festival of the arts hidden chalk peter pan

Overall, the Festival of the Arts in Epcot feels very spontaneous and fun and is not one to miss. I will definitely be coming back next year for another spark of inspiration in my tea.


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