vegan banana bread tea pairing disney springs

Banana Bread and Tea Pairing at Disney Springs

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On a recent trip to Disney Springs, we ventured into our favorite bakery, Erin McKenna’s and noticed they had banana bread available. The banana bread here is one of our favorite treats that they offer; the bread itself is a thick slice and is not overly oily or sweet. It also has just the right amount of spices to let the banana flavor really come through. Plus, everything at this bakery is allergen free and vegan friendly so there is something for almost everyone.

erin mckennas bakery vegan disney springs

We wanted to do a tea pairing with the banana bread, just because we knew a cup of hot tea would really enhance the taste! So we ventured around the corner to Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea and browsed their selection of hot tea offerings. The tea selections at Joffrey’s seems to be getting smaller lately, unfortunately, but we did see that they had a Masala Chai black tea, which sounded perfect for our pairing. Erin Mckenna’s does have some Joffery’s teas available, but we always prefer to go next door and go to the source.

jofferys masala chai tea
jofferys masala chai tea

The hot Masala Chai tea from Joffrey’s smelled delicious- strong black tea with ginger, cloves, cardamom, and aniseed. The spice mixture aroma is truly a comfort to the senses. The black tea base used for the Masala Chai is an Assam black tea, which is the perfect strong tea to mix with the warm spices of the chai. Typically, Assam teas can be described as having a biscuity taste and are ideal for pairing with savory and sweet foods, and especially sweet breads and pastries.

vegan banana bread tea pairing disney springs

The pairing was really delicious, as expected! The spices of the Masala Chai brought out the sweetness of the banana flavor in the bread. The Assam black tea in the Masala Chai also stood up well to and complimented the sweetness of the bread, mixing together to create a luscious creamy flavor. 


Next time you are in Disney Springs, consider doing a little tea pairing of your own and drop us a line and let us know if you find a delicious pairing!

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