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What kind of tea does the Beast favor you may ask? While someone like the Beast may seem a bit rough around the edges to drink from a tiny teacup (we have seen the way he eats soup!), he has a rather refined palate. These are his top three choices for a hot brew made by a real professional, Mrs. Potts.

beast beauty teacup tea character disney book
beast beauty teacup tea character disney

Enchanted Rose

Named after the rose that enchanted him and his castle, the Beast can truly appreciate the taste of enchantment. The robust juicy notes of black currant remind him of the fresh baked tarts from the nearby French village. Delicate and aromatic pillows of rose float out of the cup and bring him fond memories of castle gardens in the spring.

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enchanted rose beauty beast west wing

Golden Monkey

When Beast first wakes up in the morning, he can truly resemble that more of a gargoyle than of the kind Beast we have grown to love. All he needs to get him out of his gargoyle grump is a hot cup of Golden Monkey. Drinking this refined Chinese black tea sprinkled with golden flecked tea buds can have the same effect on him as lifting the castle enchantment with true love’s kiss. Crack the gray cold stone away to reveal your golden glow!

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Warm Hugs

Although he may appear to be coarse and unrefined, we know that Beast is truly kind hearted and sweet. Much like his demeanor, Warm Hugs is a soft sweet spiced rooibos with vanilla and clove. You will wonder why you have never tasted this before! A caffeine free cup of tea that is as cozy as a warm hug.

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