belle winter red dress tea party cosplay christmas

Charming Tea Ideas and How to Dress Like a Princess for a Winter Tea Party



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One of my favorite Disney movies to watch for Christmas time is Beauty and the Beast as well as its charming sequel, The Enchanted Christmas. While the animation is of a lower standard, the story is still a heartwarming Christmas story and you get to spend extra time at the enchanted castle in the snow. 

Despite not being a Christmas movie, the original makes a great Christmas watch. Beauty and the Beast just celebrated its 31st birthday on November 22nd and what a perfect time of year to watch this enchanted masterpiece! So much of it takes place during the winter and scenes of warm firesides and snow just evoke those festive feelings. Even in the song Something There you can hear joyful sleigh-bells that give you that special Christmas feeling. 

belle winter red dress tea party cosplay christmas

These were my thoughts when I decided that Beauty and the Beast would make a wonderful theme for a holiday tea party. You could dress up in Belle’s incredible pink and red snow winter dress or get inspiration from her green winter dress. You could even invite friends to exchange books in true Belle fashion. And most importantly, you could brew up tea that Mrs. Potts would be proud to serve.

tea party winter french beauty and the beast christmas
tea party winter french beauty and the beast christmas

Beauty and the Beast Teas

We have four different teas that would be perfect for the occasion. 

Enchanted Rose

Fruity and lightly floral blend of black tea, currants and rose petals. Let this colorful and delicious tea blend enchant you with flavors of the countryside.

Belle’s Library 

This tea captures moments in the library: the smell of reading through old dusty books, the fresh hot brew and chocolate biscuits from Mrs Potts, and reading with Beast with fireside bourbon.

Teas of the Holidays: France 

Our International Teas of the Holidays France blend is inspired by a chocolate Buche de Noel cake with an espresso glaze, a French holiday favorite. The flavor is rich, yet light in body, like a fluffy chocolate cake with just a hint of espresso.

Enchanted Christmas 

The flavors are inspired by the grand festive feasts served at the castle with Christmas pudding, brandy, and of course custard! In the tea blend, we have combined bold black tea with silky French vanilla, sweet almond, and creamy coconut with bright notes of cherry brandy and fig.

tea party winter french beauty and the beast christmas
belle winter red dress tea party cosplay christmas

Our newest Tea in the collection

Enchanted Christmas was actually a blend that came to me while I was dressed up as Belle doing this tea party photo series. I have so many holiday teas planned for next year, but I really wanted to release one more for this Christmas. The answer was almost too simple, make an Enchanted Christmas blend! I always loved watching the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas and designing the label was such a joy. I decorated the border with ornaments of our favorite enchanted friends including Mrs Potts and Chip. 

I finished the label as quickly as I could and the printed labels arrived just in time for our Thanksgiving Weekend Sale. 

I look forward to designing and creating more Christmas blends for next season!

Creating the Winter Belle Look

Belle’s red winter outfit has always been a dream of mine to recreate, but I just haven’t had time to sew the exact outfit. Usually I will find outfit pieces by thrifting on a regular basis, but I wasn’t having any luck. So I resorted to hunting down the perfect pieces on Amazon. I knew I needed a red cape with white fur, but I couldn’t find one that didn’t have the fur going down the front, which I think makes it look too Mrs Claus. So I bought the fur trim separately and sewed that onto a simple red cape.

And then for the dress, I just wanted a solid color pink dress that didn’t have too much texture so that I could layer it with a corset. While looking at corsets, I just happened to spot one with red roses and I knew it would be a perfect nod to Belle and the enchanted rose. 


To complete the look, I attempted a Belle inspired look that came out better than I expected and used some pink ribbon for a bow. 

belle winter red dress tea party cosplay christmas
belle winter red dress tea party cosplay christmas
belle winter red dress tea party cosplay christmas
belle winter red dress tea party cosplay christmas

These links are not affiliate links, but I just wanted to share in case you are inspired to make your own winter Belle outfit for a tea party. Plus all of these pieces are actually quite versatile so you are not just stuck with a costume piece you would never wear again.

Pink Dress

Red Cape

White faux fur trim

Pink and red rose corset  


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