Cocoa dusted almond tea pairing

Cocoa Dusted Almonds Tea Pairing

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Time for another tea pairing with one of our favorite Disney snacks, Cocoa Dusted Almonds! You can pick these up most anywhere at Walt Disney World or you can recreate a similar pairing at home with any roasted dark chocolate covered almonds.   


When pairing teas with food, we recommend you start by sipping the tea on its own, then taking a bite, and then trying the tea again. This way you can see how the taste has magically changed into a whole new experience. It is also a good idea to drink the teas in order of strength of flavor. So if you have a classic tea like Assam in the same line up as Ghoulish Delight, you will want to start with Assam since it doesn’t have any added flavors. And you also want to consider the strength of the tea such as green teas vs black teas. A good general rule is to drink from lightest to darkest.

Cocoa dusted almond tea pairing disney world snacks

The Milk and Sugar Pairing – ASSAM

Assam is a bold and strong classic black tea grown in Assam, India. Typically, you will find this tea used in black tea blends like English Breakfast because of its rich malty taste. And because this tea does brew quite strong, it lends itself to be served with milk and sugar. This is why we chose this tea for the pairing. The creamy sweet chocolate can imitate the taste of adding milk and sugar. Once we tasted it, we knew we were right in that assumption. The rich maltiness of the tea stood up to the sweetness without getting drowned out and the overall taste was like a super chocolatey tea latte. And in the finish, the chocolate brought out some more of the tea’s natural fruit notes like plums and dates. This pairing ranked #1! 


The Fruity Pairing – ENCHANTED ROSE

Enchanted Rose was next in the line up and did not disappoint. This one is a fruity and floral black tea blend with black currants and red rose. With the cocoa almonds, the tea became much more fruity with the black currant really becoming the star of the show. The rose was still there in the aroma but it became more of a supporting player. The roasted almonds added a bit a creaminess to offset the natural astringency of the black tea. Overall, this pairing was very unique and definitely worth trying.  


The Perfect Match PairingGHOULISH DELIGHT

On its own, Ghoulish Delight basically already tastes like these almonds. It is an earthy bold combo of black tea and puerh with chocolate, almond, and caramel. So, going into this, we knew that this was going to be a perfect match. The flavors mirrored each other beautifully with bite enhancing every sip. The roasted almond did help bring out more of the earthiness of the puerh giving this pairing much more body without getting sickly sweet. This one was Nicolette’s favorite.


To see a video of our pairing, head over to our IGTV videos on Instagram. We look forward to doing more pairings in the future!


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