epcot maple disney popcorn matcha tea

EPCOT Maple Popcorn & Matcha Tea Pairing



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epcot maple disney popcorn matcha tea

Iced Japanese Green Tea & Canadian Maple Popcorn

The only thing better than warm maple popcorn at Epcot is pairing it with some refreshing iced matcha green tea! In the Canada pavilion, you must try the maple popcorn, it is a plant-based option that is perfectly sweet and salty. The sweet maple smells walking by always draw us in.

canada epcot walt disney world

After that, try to resist the urge of stuffing handfuls in your mouth and walk over to the Japan pavilion and get an iced matcha green tea from the tea and sake kiosk in the courtyard. Of course if you are a Mexico first traveler, you can pick up your tea first in Japan and then head to Canada. The matcha is pre-made and dispensed into a cup of ice; this green tea is unsweetened, so be prepared if you are used to drinking sweet drinks. The matcha is tasty and super refreshing; matcha of course has a decent amount of caffeine so we recommend this anytime you are in need of a caffeine pick me up.

japan pavilion epcot walt disney world
japan epcot matcha green tea

This pairing is perfect; the sweet popcorn and the grassy matcha harmonize together and bring out more flavors than you would expect. Since the matcha has much more of a savory taste, it makes the popcorn more buttery and rich.


Definitely a pairing we will be doing again!!! 

epcot maple disney popcorn matcha tea
epcot maple disney popcorn matcha tea
epcot maple disney popcorn matcha tea


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