maleficent outfit disney bound tea costume

Fun Outfit and Creative Food Ideas for Throwing a Villain Tea Party

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With a chill in the air and Halloween coming up soon, this is the perfect time for a Villain’s tea party. Invite your dark spirited friends to dress up in a dapper version of their favorite Disney villains. I have a few outfit ideas to share, some tea recommendations, and some food pairing ideas. And of course, you can really do this anytime of year! It would also be very fitting for a Villaintines party with your friends in February.

maleficent outfit disney bound tea costume
Maleficent Bound
Mother Gothel Bound

Ideas for Villain Tea Party Outfits

It just so happens that most Disney villains use a lot of the same colors, so chances are if you have these colors in your closet, you can probably put something together. The classic Disney villain colors you often see are black, purple, and red. Green is another important villain color, but it is often just seen as smoke, fire, or light near the villains.

evil queen bound magic mirror
Evil Queen Bound
evil queen bound poison apple mug magic mirror

For these Halloween villain outfits, two of the most useful clothing items I have bought are a simple black bustier and purple fingerless gloves. The gloves work well for a more dapper version of Ursula and of Evil Queen. They can also be used for Dr Facilier, Yzma, or Mad Madam Mim.

It is the small things that can bring the outfit together and I find that jewelry is an easy way to do this. For my Evil Queen outfit, I wore a necklace with an apple on it. And for the Ursula bound, I found some earrings that match hers on Etsy. You can also just find earrings that add the right color needed to complete your look. For my Scar Disney bound, I brought some more accents using some black teapot earrings

ursula disney bound iced tea sea witch
Ursula bound
scar disney bound tea
Scar Bound
wearing black teapot earrings scar lion king
maleficent outfit disney bound tea costume

Suggested Villainous Teas and Food Pairings

If you are going to have a villains themed tea party, the most important thing is the tea! We have four different Disney villain inspired tea blends that would be a nice selection including a black tea, a green tea, and two caffeine free options. I have also listed a couple quick food ideas to pair with these teas to get you in the villain mindset. You can use these as a jumping off point when planning what to serve at your villain’s tea party.

evil queen tea poison apple

Evil Queen

One of our first villain teas we did was the Evil Queen! It is a black tea with aromas of fresh baked fruit pies cooling on the cottage window. Sweet notes of apple, cranberry, and spice are blended with rolled black tea leaves that mirror the Evil Queen’s dark twisted soul. 


This one is the easiest to pair with food since it is such a key part of the Snow White story, anything apple! Think apple tarts, scones with apple butter, caramel apples, or even apple chips.

evil queen bound poison apple mug magic mirror
maleficent outfit disney bound tea costume


Watch out for our green fire breathing Dragon Queen tea! It is a fruity and mysterious green tea with purple dragonfruit, raspberry, and kiwi. Depending on what ends up in your tea spoon, the tea can be a purple, green, or blue color. You never know what mood Maleficent is in!


To pair with this green tea and for an extra villain vibe, it would be fun to make something with green matcha powder. The matcha would give your baked goods a natural green color and a green tea taste. Think matcha sugar cookies decorated with maleficent horns or matcha cupcakes with purple and green frosting flames.

dragon queen maleficent tea sleeping beauty lego disney springs


Our Sea Witch blend is a caffeine free fruit tea with cherry, kiwi, and coconut. This one brews nicely hot, but Ursula prefers it as cold as the ocean floor. Mix it up at your tea party with a refreshing iced tea, especially if you live in a warmer state. Unlike most fruit teas, this one does not have hibiscus, and it is more full bodied and silky in taste. The color ranges from a violet purple to fuchsia depending on how many butterfly pea blossoms end up in your tea spoon. 


A food that would best match Ursula would be puff pastry cream horns made to look like ocean shells that she uses in her potions. You could fill them with various colors and flavors that match the tea including cherry, kiwi, and coconut. You could even add little fondant eyes to look like those scared little creatures in her witch’s cupboard.


Two thumbs way up for this caffeine free tea blend! Hades is a deep sinister blue tea with sarcastically spicy ginger and tart lemon complemented with vanilla and sweet apple. This tea may appear dark and scary, but it is actually quite sweet and lovable. 


To pair with Hades, anything blue is a must and lemon is a very easy flavor to incorporate to capture his sharp personality. Think lemon cakes with blue flame frosting, lemon scones half dipped in a blue white chocolate ganache, or mini lemon tarts with blueberry whipped cream.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my villainous tea party dreaming. If you have a villain tea party yourself, make sure to tag us on social media! @TraderNicksTea

maleficent outfit disney bound tea costume
maleficent outfit disney bound tea costume


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