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Goofy’s Red Apple Cider Tea Mixes

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We found these powdered apple ciders at Walt Disney World and we mixed them into our teas! We recommend using about 2 tsp per teacup of our tea. The powders are already sweetened and have extra flavor that we considered when making these pairings. The apple cider mixes are vegan friendly and we originally heard about them from Vegan Disney World. Unfortunately, we do not have a recipe to make these powders at home, but you could probably recreate these recipes with another apple cider powder mix that you can find at the grocery store. 

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Paired with Chim Chim Cherry

This pairing was one of our favorites! The flavor of the red apple cider powder blended really well with the tart cherry flavor of the Chim Chim Cherry tea, and the flavors only seemed to compliment each other. Also, if you live in a place that gets warm during the fall and winter, this pairing makes delicious iced tea! The red color looks beautiful and refreshing as an iced tea – like a fall iced poison cherry apple.

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Paired with Enchanted Rose

This pairing highlights the botanical aroma of the Enchanted Rose tea and specifically brings to the front the black currant flavor. The red apple mix really brightens up the floral components of the tea. The sweetness allows those floral notes to linger longer on your palate evoking those feelings of singing in the hills of provincial France.

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Paired with Monorail Morning

This deluxe pairing highlights the cinnamon and clove in the Monorail Morning black tea. Combined with the red apple mix, the spices of the tea really make a delicious spiced fall flavor! Look for the clove and cinnamon to perfectly cut through the sweet apple flavor. 

You might think to pair Monorail morning with the Spiced Apple Cider, but we found that the spices were too competitive with each other. This way, the sweet red apple cider can just complement the monorail spices.

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