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Homemade Grenadine is Better, Try our Tea Infused Recipe

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Why Make Your Own Grenadine?

If you have never made homemade grenadine, you are in for a real treat! Most grenadines are basically just corn syrup and food coloring, and lack any real tart fruit tastes. The taste of the pomegranate should be bold and really liven up your drink recipes. We decided to take it a step further and infuse our grenadine with our Chim Chim Cherry tea. 


This white tea packs a punch of flavor with creamy vanilla, tart cherry, and vibrant hibiscus flowers. These flavors make the traditional grenadine even more complex especially with the touch of vanilla to round out the sour hibiscus and pomegranate. 


And while this may not necessarily be ‘healthy’ since it is still high in sugar, you are at least getting antioxidants that are lacking in the store bought variety. The pomegranate juice packs in antioxidants plus it is high in vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. Adding in the white tea adds even more antioxidant power and some anti-inflammatory effects.

mickey towel cherry mary poppins grenedine recipe
pom pomegranate juice grenadine recipe

Chim Chim Grenadine Recipe


1 cup Water 

2 cup Pomegranate Juice (16oz bottle)

1 cup Sugar

3 tsp of Chim Chim Cherry White Tea

ingredients for homemade grenadine


  1. Bring the water and pomegranate juice to a boil
  2. Add in the sugar, stir, and turn down the heat to medium and simmer for 5 minutes
  3. Then add in your tea leaves and simmer for 10 more minutes. You can use a t-sac for your tea leaves, a tea ball, or you can put them in loose and strain after. 
  4. Remove from heat and cool 
  5. Then pour into a easy squeeze bottle or a glass jar and store in the fridge

This syrup will keep fresh for about 2 weeks

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grenadine recipe with teabag

How do you use your Homemade Grenadine?

  • Pour it on ice cream 
  • Drizzle it on a fruit salad 
  • Use in your favorite drink recipes 
  • Keep it simple and light and mix it with some sparkling water
mickey towel cherry mary poppins grenedine recipe


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