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Introducing an Exciting New Lineup of Star Wars Flavored Teas

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New at Trader Nicks Tea, from a galaxy far, far away…

8 Teas Inspired by Star Wars

May the 4th Be With You!

This May the 4th, Star Wars Day, we at Trader Nicks Tea are taking part by fulfilling a dream that we have had since we started making our themed teas. Just as the world of Star Wars was a logical addition to the Disney company years ago, Star Wars themed teas are a welcome addition to our lineup of Trader Nicks themed teas.

We have been huge fans of Star Wars since the 1980’s when we were tiny children and our love for the movies and characters has grown with us as we’ve turned into adults. While we may still be sorting out what to make of the Disney company’s take on the Star Wars franchise, nevertheless, we still have a great love for the Star Wars movie, loveable characters, and the land of Batuu in Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios. 

  1. Bountea Hunter
  2. Brewbacca
  3. Cloud City
  4. Forest Moon
  5. R2-TEA2
  6. Rebel Princess
  7. Scoundrel Spice
  8. Tea Trooper
star wars teas rebel r2d2 leia han solo chewbacca, stormtrooper

To kick off our dive into the Star Wars themed teas universe, we are excited to introduce 6 new (and 2 redesigned) teas! We have put in our work of tasting and blending to thoughtfully create totally unique blends that we feel capture the essence of these characters and places, including not only tastes but also the visual and story.

bountea bounty hunter boba fett star wars tea

1. BounTea Hunter

This dark and slightly smoky blend is enhanced with orange and pistachio and captures the rustic yet skillful nature of Boba Fett, the famous bounty hunter. The base of this blend is earthy puerh tea which has been infused with pistachio. Read more about puerh tea here


The next taste you notice is the subtle orange oolong which melds with the pistachio to make somewhat of a pistachio orange cookie flavor. Also added is a slight amount of smoked Assam black tea, because well, smoke seems to follow wherever Boba Fett deals. 


Visually, the rustic earthy brown puerh colors, green pistachios, and accents of orange peel combine to recreate Boba’s iconic armor. The mix is perfected with Black Dragon Pearl rolled black tea balls; these give the tea a fuller body and also resemble thermal detonators, which the bounty hunter knew not to mess with!

2. Brewbacca

The moment you open the bag of Brewbacca tea, you can instantly recognize the colors and texture of the lovable but fierce Wookie, Chewbacca. The tea leaves are a soft toasted brown with warm orange brown cinnamon pieces and almond flecks. The overall appearance captures his true essence as a character.  


The next moment you can smell the intriguing blend of flavors like cinnamon and toasted almonds. The almond flavor comes through strong but with it comes the warming and sweet cinnamon which creates a powerful pair. We couldn’t think of a more fitting flavor for Chewbacca than these warming cozy hug like scents. But at the same time, we needed something substantial to represent his skills and you get those with the addition of some traditional teas. 

chewbacca tea star wars

The base of this tea is rooibos which is caffeine free along with roasted green tea made from less caffeinated leaves. This roasted green tea is a traditional type of tea from Japan called Houjicha. This roasting gives the tea a wonderful roasty flavor and also brings down the level of caffeine. 


The last ingredient is black gunpowder black tea; this is a traditional Chinese tea and gives the flavor some rounding out. This ingredient is added for a visual component to represent Chewbacca’s skills with his bowcaster and blasters.

bespin cloud city tea star tours

3. Cloud City

Truly among the clouds is where this tea belongs. Luxurious jasmine, spices from faraway worlds and luscious sweet raspberries make the flavor profile of Cloud City a real spectacle. Cloud City, on the planet Bespin, is a floating mining colony of the outer rim. With the mining quite lucrative, this city is full of wealth and draws in travelers with gambling and luxury. 


For these reasons, we blended this white and green tea blend low in caffeine but high in luxurious flavors to suit the local tastes. The citrus and jasmine infused white & green tea leaves are fully complemented by sweet raspberries and a creamy cake-like flavor nuance.


Visually, you can see the colors of the famous Cloud City sunsets in the decorated flowers; you can find pink rose petals, purple mallow blossoms, and delicate rosebuds.

forest moon endor tea star tours

4. Forest Moon

Inspired by the forest moon of Endor, this tea blend also is an answer to requests for one Enchanted Forest Fruits from Twinings which does not seem to exist, at least not in this galaxy. We have put our own galactic spin on the concept. We have started with a base of black tea and added in all the forest berries that perhaps our Ewok friends have busily foraged: blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. There is also a generous amount of warm woodsy vanilla to tie everything together flavor-wise. 

The finishing touch is the addition of a sprinkling of yerba mate, which slightly ups the caffeine level and alludes to the green of the forest moon itself.

r2d2 white tea starfruit star wars

5. R2-TEA2

Our astro-inspired tea blend is worthy of our favorite brave little droid, R2-D2. This low caffeine tea is a blend of fluffy white tea, blueberries, fruits and real slices of dried star fruit that alludes to the astro droid.


We chose white tea as the base since R2-D2 has mostly rugged white parts and just like him, pai mu tan white tea can look a little worse for wear. The beep-bop blueberry flavor matches his sweet personality, especially when combined with the tart sour star fruit to show his more feisty side. 


Visually, you can even find a few whole pieces of dried galactic starfruit. And of course, we added some blue cornflowers for R2-D2’s signature blue.     

r2d2 tea galaxys edge star wars

6. Rebel Princess

Back with a label redesign is our Rebel Princess tea which is inspired by Princess Leia Organa. The new label nods to Leia’s white Hoth outfit as well as her involvement in the rebellion with the glowing blue green maps of the rebel base. 


This blend is totally caffeine free and has a delicious flavor combination of raspberry, chocolate and coconut. While Leia is full of energy and adventure, we wanted to make the tea mirror her calm and collected tone with a caffeine free tea. Visually, we wanted to nod to the rich brunette color of Leia’s many famous hairstyles so we used a rooibos base to give it a reddish brown tone. 


The flavors reflect the princess’s personality; vibrant tart raspberry for her sharp wit, chocolate for being grounded and bold, and white coconut for her soft kindness. The white flecks are also there visually for her standard white attire. 

7. Scoundrel Spice

Also back with a redesigned label is a tea based on our favorite scruffy scoundrel, Han Solo. Scoundrel Spice has medium caffeine and all the flavor you need to spice up your day; cinnamon, orange, ginger, cloves and more. The base is a combination of bold strong black tea and toasty rooibos

As a leading love interest of the Star Wars trilogy, we wanted to mimic that sweet charisma and also keep it as spicy as his jabs at C3PO. Overall, we have created a sweet and spicy blend that everyone can fall in love with. Similar to a chai, this Scoundrel Spice makes for an easy drinking cup, perfect for a morning or afternoon cup.

8. Tea Trooper

Our Tea Trooper tea is our own unique variation of an Earl Grey inspired by Storm Troopers.

The black and white tea base represents the instantly recognizable black and white armored uniforms. While the Imperial Storm Troopers would elicit fear upon the sight of them, unfortunately sometimes their skills did not quite measure up to the challenge; maybe if they had some of this tea to sip on they could focus more during training. 

The classic bergamot flavor is complimented by a bit of mango and juicy pear to create a tasty Earl Grey substitute. The idea behind the flavor was to take something that was a strong standard and contrast it with a bit of lighthearted humor. The Stormtroopers may look strong and efficient, but they clearly have some soft spots.

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