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Key Lime Cupcake Tea Pairing

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     One of our favorite things to do is pair tea with treats, especially those that you may find at Disney Springs from Erin Mckenna’s. Their baked goodies are always fully stocked with a wide array of flavors, especially earlier in the day. Since there are more treat options than types of tea, we recommend first that you pick out a tea from Joffery’s next door and then go pick something out from the bakery that will pair nicely. After seeing what we have paired in our blogs, go try a pairing out for yourself and see what unique flavor combos you can come up with. That is the magic of pairing teas, creating new experiences!

     On this trip, we decided to go with a hot cup of Lemon Ginger rooibos. This caffeine free blend is a green rooibos base with lemongrass and ginger. Unlike red rooibos, green rooibos is much more mild and doesn’t take over the flavor. The blend also uses essential oils of tangerine and bergamot that really bring those citrus notes out to the front. This tea is incredibly zingy with a citrus orchard scent that is very enticing. The ginger is spicy, but it is not overpowering. The ginger did add a key element though to help cut through the sweetness of a pairing. Generally speaking, a strong spice like ginger or cinnamon can stand up to high sugar desserts without the flavor getting lost. 

vegan disney spring cupcake erin mckenna's tea
erin mckennas bakery vegan disney springs

     We paired the Lemon Ginger rooibos with a Key Lime cupcake. As with all baked goods from Erin Mckenna’s, this cupcake was completely vegan and allergen free. The frosting was light and bright with a nice balanced tart sweetness. The cake was rich, a little heavy, but not too sweet. Because cupcakes can sometimes be overly sweet with the icing, it is nice to have a citrus flavor to cut through the sugar. With this pairing, we had both the lime in the cupcake plus the lemon and the ginger in the tea to help liven up the sweet cake. Everything blended together beautifully and like with any good pairing, every sip makes you want another bite and every bite makes you want another sip. 

vegan disney spring cupcake erin mckenna's tea


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