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Lavender Pot de Creme Tea Pairing at Epcot

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This year at the Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, we strolled all through Epcot and enjoyed the many sights and smells (and tastes) of all that is probably our favorite epcot festival! We also found a new food that we immediately thought would make a perfect tea pairing, the Lavender Pot de Crème with Blueberry Cake, Pink Peppercorn and Lime Whipped Cream from the Trowel & Trellis Hosted by Impossible Foods booth in Showcase Plaza. For this treat, we paired with it two of our teas: Enchanted Rose and Midnight Pumpkin.

tea pairing pot de creme epcot vegan

This new dessert is plant based and looks very pretty with a purple base of a blueberry cake/crust and a creamy, light purple colored top part with little specks of pink peppercorn, all topped with a bit of whipped cream and smearing of blueberry jelly. For us, this dish had some pros and cons.


We felt the pot de creme itself was very creamy but was a little too heavy with the lavender taste. Lavender is a wonderful flavor and aroma, but if there is too much lavender, the flavor can become overly floral and almost soapy. It seemed like the heavy sweetness from the white chocolate was almost there as a way to combat this issue with the lavender.  We were a huge fan of the blueberry cake bottom and the jelly. The whipped cream provided a nice light texture to contrast the thicker creme. The pink peppercorns were very pretty but didn’t really seem to go with the lavender. Overall, we would definitely get this dish again and we were thrilled to see such a creative vegan option.

tea pairing pot de creme epcot vegan

Now lets see how each of the teas paired with this desert.

Enchanted Rose

Enchanted Rose is a black tea, which is the best type of tea to pair with almost any type of sweet, creamy, or rich dessert or pastry since black tea tends to be astringent and high in tannins. The flavors in this tea are black currant and rose, and these flavors naturally pair well with the flavors in the Lavender Pot de Creme. We found that the currant flavor brought out more of the blueberry in the pot de creme, and the rose in the tea meshed really well with the creaminess of the desert. The tea also added some balance to the lavender by letting more of the fruit notes come forward.

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Midnight Pumpkin

Midnight Pumpkin is one of our caffeine free rooibos blends with pumpkin and blueberry. For this pairing, the pumpkin in the tea paired beautifully with the creamy flavor of the pot de creme. Since pumpkin is already a pretty creamy texture as well as the rooibos, they created a beautiful silky pairing. The blueberry naturally worked well with the blueberry cake and jam as well.

Midnight Pumpkin rooibos cinderella tea

The Enchanted Rose was our favorite pairing out of the two, because the black tea stood up so well to the strong flavors and creamy texture of the desert. We hope you get a chance to try this unique new desert at this year’s Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. We encourage you to try this pairing yourself and let us know which you prefer or if any other teas pair well with it! If you don’t have any tea on you, we would recommend getting a cup of Earl Grey from Joffery’s – that would pair very nicely with the lavender!

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