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Out in the Pridelands, you are likely to be welcomed as a weary traveler with a hot pot of tea. You will find these animals out on the Savannah are more than accommodating, especially the lions. As the leaders of the land, today we are going to see what teas are the lion’s choice. These will be prepared for the royal family by their trusted tea guide Rafiki.

Pumpkin King

You may not know this, but Simba always wanted to be king, a pumpkin king! Halloween is his favorite holiday and he looks forward to every fall when the spices are in the air. Like falling into a big pile of leaves, this pumpkin tea will fill your senses with pumpkin spice and sunset savannah orange sprinkles. So take a leap into this tea fit for a king.

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Tiki Tea

In his youth, Simba learned a thing or two about tropical flavors from his pals Timon and Pumba. They really knew how to put the no worries vibe into everything they do. This tea perfectly combines that laid back jungle taste with deep mysterious green tea, calming coconut, and lazy beach pineapple. The lions really enjoy this one iced to take the edge off after the evening hunt. 

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The lions rule the land and everything the light touches is part of that kingdom, including this robust black tea. Assam tea is grown in full sunlight and heavy rains of the lowlands of India. The full sun allows this tea to become even bolder in flavor and makes an incredibly strong cup of tea. So brew up a fresh pot at night before the hunt and growl at the sunset for all to hear. 

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