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Live Your Barbie Dream and Drink Pink; Herbal and Fruit Tea Drinks

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It is difficult to go anywhere right now without seeing Barbie pink, and it got me thinking: do we have any pink teas? Technically, we do not have a true pink tea yet, but we have two teas that come pretty close!

For a future release, I was thinking of making a fuchsia pink blend for Daisy, or maybe a tea that has a purplish-pink color for Cheshire Cat. Maybe even going back to Dumbo and making a pink elephant tea! What pink Disney character would you want to see as a tea?

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Our Two "Pink" Caffeine-Free Teas

Beauty Sleep is an herbal blend that brews a blue green color and you can make it pink by adding lemon juice! The color consistency will vary depending on how many butterfly pea blossoms end up in your cup. The taste is floral and minty with chamomile, rose, spearmint, and peppermint

Beauty Sleep herbal loose leaf tea
Beauty Sleep herbal loose leaf tea

Dots & Bows is a fruit tea with sweet strawberry and watermelon. The color from this tea comes from the hibiscus flowers that normally brew a dark red. However, unlike most fruit teas, Dots & Bows only has a light amount of hibiscus, so the color is more of a red pink. 

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Barbie Pink Tea Sale

Now through next Saturday, July 29th, save 20% off these pink teas. Both are so refreshing iced: perfect for these late summer days. 


barbie pink tea party ballet princess tutu teacup


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