disney world kettle corn tea pairing

Main Street Kettle Corn Tea Pairing

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We paired three of our teas with Main Street Kettle Corn from Walt Disney World. You can find this classic snack most anywhere in the disney stores at the parks or you can replicate this pairing with any kettle corn you find at the store. 


When pairing teas with food, we recommend you start by sipping the tea on its own, then taking a bite, and then trying the tea again. This way you can see how the taste has magically changed into a whole new experience.

disney main street kettle corn tea pairing

The Unique Pairing – SENCHA

Sencha is a bold, grassy green tea grown in Japan that has a very fresh taste. The kettle corn really brightens this one up and pulls out more of the sweetness of the leaves. On its own, Sencha tea is more on the savory side, but the starchy sweet corn evokes a sweet spring taste. The flavor combo is also reminiscent of green tea ice cream. 

The Perfect Pairing – WARM HUGS

Pairing Warm Hugs with Main Street Kettle Corn is a match made in heaven! Warm Hugs is a caffeine free rooibos with warming wintry spices of cinnamon and clove, creamy vanilla, and a happy snow dusting of coconut. The sticky kettle corn was just a perfect harmony with the spices and it brought out an especially rich buttery flavor. The pairing tasted like going to a fall festival with freshly popped kettle corn and smells of apple cider in the air. 

The Surprising Pairing – CHIM CHIM CHERRY

Fruity teas are always fun to pair with desserts since they naturally lend themselves to a sweet flavor profile. Think of it like adding sugar to fresh fruits to create a more intense flavor for jams and jellies. Chim Chim Cherry is a white tea with tart cherry, silky vanilla, and bright hibiscus. At first, we thought the kettle corn might pull out more of the vanilla flavors, but we were surprised with a tart twist. The kettle corn, instead, brought out a bold sweet tangy tartness from the cherry and hibiscus. 


To see a video of our pairing, head over to our IGTV videos on Instagram. We look forward to doing more pairings in the future!


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