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Mickey’s Caramel Apple Cider Tea Mixes

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We found these powdered apple ciders at Walt Disney World and we mixed them into our teas! We recommend using about 2 tsp per teacup of our tea. The powders are already sweetened and have extra flavor that we considered when making these pairings. The apple cider mixes are vegan friendly and we originally heard about them from Vegan Disney World. Unfortunately, we do not have a recipe to make these powders at home, but you could probably recreate these recipes with another apple cider powder mix that you can find at the grocery store. 

caramel apple cider disney tea pairing recipe

Paired with Ghoulish Delight

This pairing was terrifyingly delicious! The cocoa and almond flavors of the Ghoulish Delight black tea complimented and improved the flavor of the caramel apple cider mix. The sweet mix brought out even more of the cocoa taste and the overall flavor was reminiscent of a salted caramel treat! On its own, we thought the caramel apple flavor was a bit over the top. Mixing it with the tea took care of the problem by balancing the sweet candied taste with the earthly delight of puerh. 

ghoulish delight caramel apple cider

Paired with Assam black tea

The strength of the Assam tea was a nice bracer for the sweet caramel apple cider mix.There was a balance between the tannins of the tea and the sweetness. This pairing also highlighted the candy caramel flavor a bit. On its own, Assam tea can have some fruity notes and those are highlighted here with the candied apple. 

We haven’t tried this, but I imagine that this would make an incredible base for a latte giving it more of a dulce de leche vibe. Try adding the full tbsp of the cider mix, an extra spoon of assam for an 8oz cup (2 tsp total). Heat up some coconut milk, about 2-4oz and mix into tea; froth if desired. 

caramel apple cider disney tea pairing recipe assam


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