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Minnie’s Spiced Apple Cider Tea Mixes

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We found these powdered apple ciders at Walt Disney World and we mixed them into our teas! We recommend using about 2 tsp per teacup of our tea. The powders are already sweetened and have extra flavor that we considered when making these pairings. The apple cider mixes are vegan friendly and we originally heard about them from Vegan Disney World. Unfortunately, we do not have a recipe to make these powders at home, but you could probably recreate these recipes with another apple cider powder mix that you can find at the grocery store. 

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Paired with Pumpkin King

This pairing was a total giveaway and we knew it would be delicious! The rich spice flavors in the Pumpkin King tea worked in harmony with the spices in the cider mix and made the whole thing taste like an apple pie and pumpkin pie combo! How can you go wrong!?

Pumpkin King apple cider recipe vegan disney halloween

Paired with Midnight Pumpkin

We were a little unsure if this pairing would work, but after we tasted it, it was one of our favorites out of all the pairings! The taste was so rich and smooth, and the spices of the powder mix worked really well with the pumpkin and blueberry of the Midnight Pumpkin tea. Also, this pairing is completely caffeine free. Adding the spiced apple cider helped bring the pumpkin to the center of the party.

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