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Nomad Lounge Iced Tea

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The Nomad Lounge in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of our absolute favorite spots to take a break. Whether we are simply in need of some A/C, or we are looking for a light bite and some libations or other refreshment, this place is a great option. The theming and the lounge menu offerings are worth checking out.

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     On a recent trek to this watering hole, one of the highlights of our visit was the TeaLeaves Passion Fruit Vanilla Iced Tea. This iced, fruity black tea was a refreshing treat. It was so nice being able to enjoy a true specialty tea here, as we have never found this tea anywhere else on property. The fruits that came through in the taste were passionfruit and pomegranate, and the vanilla was also there, which gave the flavor a slightly sweet overall feel, without adding any actual sugar. And since black tea is the base of this tea, there is a little caffeine to recharge your energy level. And for a bonus, ask your server and you should be able to get a free refill in a to-go cup to take with you!

TeaLeaves Passion Fruit Vanilla Iced Tea

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Tiffin’s Bread Service

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     If you are looking for a food suggestion, try the Tiffin’s Bread Service, available on the small plates menu. This was a good amount of food for a snack for 2 people. This came with several types of bread and a trio of delicious sauces. The bread service is easily made vegan by substituting the coriander yoghurt for one of the other sauces.

     Along with the whole vibe of the atmosphere, this tea is a really refreshing treat that will totally reinvigorate you and get you ready to continue your wild adventure in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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