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Plant Based Pie & Tea Pairings

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erin mckennas disney sprig pumpkin pie vegan tea pairing chai

Pumpkin Pie Tea Pairing

Erin McKenna’s vegan pumpkin pie paired with Masala Chai black tea from Joffrey’s. 


The chai tea was a nice strong cut leaf black tea with spices, like ginger and cinnamon. What is cut leaf tea? It is when the tea leaves are cut instead of curled so they have a smaller, chopped appearance. This style is used a lot in strong teas like chai and breakfast blends so they can brew strong enough to stand up to milk, sugar, or spice.

chao jofferys loose leaf cut leaf tea
erin mckennas disney sprig pumpkin pie vegan tea pairing chai

This strong tea paired perfectly with the creamy, lightly sweet pumpkin pie. And yes, most pumpkin pie is creamy, but this one was incredibly smooth and creamy, almost more like a pudding filling. The tea really helps balance out that creaminess and the bold ginger helps zing up the pumpkin pie spices.  

erin mckennas disney sprig pumpkin pie vegan tea pairing chai

Dutch Apple Pie Tea Pairing

Erin McKenna’s vegan Dutch Apple Pie paired with Lemon Ginger herbal from Joffrey’s. 

Joffreys lists this tea as a green tea, however, there is no actual green tea listed in the ingredients, instead it is a green rooibos based. Since we don’t see any green tea in the ingredients, we are going to say that this one is a caffeine free option and can be steeped for up to 8 minutes. Either way, this tea somehow brings even more life to an already incredibly bright and zesty pie.

lemon ginger green tea jofferys disney

This little apple pie is a must do at Disney Springs, as it might be one of the best things we have ever gotten here! The ginger in the tea paired really well with the spices in the pie and the lemon enhanced the cooked apples, almost making a bright green apple taste. We will be back for this pie dup pairing again! We highly recommend bringing a friend and make a best pairing pal. 

vegan disney world apple pie tea jofferys
vegan tea and pie pairing disney food jofferys loose leaf tea


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