Strong black tea grown in the lowlands of Assam, India. Dark, twisted leaf that yields a copper-colored infusion with a malty, brisk black tea taste with a hint of dryness. 

Tasting Notes:  sweet dates | honey | spices

Origin:  Assam, India

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    Assam is a state in northeastern India that comprises tropical rainforests, small towns, rugged farmland, and foothills of the Himalayas. Most of the state lies at sea level and gets extreme amounts of rainfall, 10-12 inches per day! Nearly every year the mighty Brahmaputra River floods causing chaos, severing communications across the region, and can affect nearly a million people.

   Assam is only the second location in the world where tea plants have been found growing in the wild (the other being China of course). Camellia sinensis assamica was discovered in the 1820s by a Scottish adventurer named Robert Bruce when he saw leaves growing in Assam that resembled tea leaves from China, and also found nearby villagers drinking a concoction made from the leaves. This was all during a time when the East India Trading Company was beginning to experiment with bringing plants from China to propagate in their Indian colony. While the Chinese plants grew well in areas of higher elevation, such as the Darjeeling region, the transplants did not do well in the Assam lowlands. Only later did they focus on the native assamica plants and hybrids to establish here. 

   In recent history, Assam has become the world’s largest tea grower by production, making over 500 million kg of tea annually. The excessive rains and unrelenting heat create a greenhouse of humidity in the Assam tea growing region. These conditions create the unique qualities of Assam tea: strong, brisk, astringent, malty. Tea makers in Assam are specialists in one thing: black tea; though some estates are beginning to try their hand at producing green teas and white teas, with varying degrees of success.

   Our organic Assam comes from the Hathikuli estate, located on the edge of the Kaziranga National Park, a designated World Heritage Site. In the midst of lands with roaming elephants and slithering king cobras, Hathikuli has been producing orthodox and CTC grade tea since 1907. In 2008, the estate made the full transition to organic farming practices, which is also of great benefit to the animal sanctuary of the neighboring national park. Notice the dark colored, wiry leaves, speckled with a few gold specks. The brewed tea will be dark amber color with a tint of copper. The taste will be brisk and malty, slightly astringent, with notes of dates, honey and spices.

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 3-5 minutes in hot water 208° (boiling) longer steep times will bring out more bitterness


organic black tea

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