Beyond the Reef

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Sail into this brilliant green cup of rich coconut oolong & butterfly pea blossoms. The island artwork is inspired by our favorite princess voyager who dared to go beyond the reef

Tasting Notes:  coconut | roasted | ocean breeze

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Venture out into the unknown world where both danger and excitement await. Trust yourself to go beyond the reef and discover new things. While the call of the sea is strong, keep your family and heritage close so that you have the strength to return to the heart.

We created this tea blend to embody the connection of the land, the people, and the ocean. The rolled green oolong base represents the growth of new islands as the tea leaves unfurl in the water. The village and traditions are shown in a bold coconut taste, demonstrating what people can create with the gifts of nature. The blue butterfly pea blossoms bring in the powerful yet playful ocean.

At first, you may think this will be a blue tea because of the strong ocean motifs in this movie, but we really wanted to connect that back to the island. The tea actually brews a lovely green color like the life-creating green heart itself.

This aromatic oolong will instantly calm your mind and make you feel like you are on a tranquil beach. The coconut gives this tea a sweet aroma and slightly nutty taste.


Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 3-4 minutes in hot water 200° (just under boiling) longer steep times will bring out more bitterness


                  oolong tea, sweetened coconut shreds, coconut flavor, butterfly pea blossoms, cornflowers

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1 review for Beyond the Reef

  1. Sophie (verified owner)

    This tea is absolutely amazing. Taste like coconut pie

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