Cloud City


Green and white tea blend with floral and fruity taste and a touch of creaminess.

Tasting Notes:  citrus | rose | raspberry


Enjoy your tea among the clouds with this nice little operation. A base of green and white tea is complimented by citrus flavors and fruits such as pineapple and raspberry. Pretty flowers adorn the blend, mainly red rose and purple mallow blossoms. The overall flavor is citrus, jasmine and raspberry with a hint of creamy vanilla.

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 3 minutes in hot water 175° (under boiling) gets bitter if steeped too long


                  green tea, Pai Mu Tan white tea, citrus flavor, candied pineapple, apple, raspberries, pink cornflower, rose buds, rose petals, mallow blossoms

low in caffeine


Additional information


40 grams, 80 grams


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