Famous Chinese green tea with a history woven with myth and legend. Characteristic large, flat leaves that double in size while infusing. 

Tasting Notes:  sweet grass | roasted corn | chestnut | buttery

Origin: Hangzhou, China

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     The famous Chinese green tea Dragonwell, also known as Long Jing, or Lung Ching Dragonwell, was first developed in Hangzhou, China in the 700s during the Tang Dynasty. Dragonwell tea is easy to spot by its long, flat, pale green leaves, which set them apart from other green tea leaves.

   As with many Chinese teas, the history of Dragonwell is filled with equal parts magic and legend. One legend talks of a mysterious well in the Hangzhou village of Longjing, where the swirling of rainwater with the more dense well water would give the impression of dragons beneath the surface. This village is still the location that grows and processes some of the most famous and expensive Dragonwell tea in China. There is also lore that speaks of thousand year old tea trees in this area in which tea is produced that is priced higher per gram than gold. Long Jing Dragonwell is so prized, that this is the tea that was famously served to President Nixon when he made his historic visit to China.

     Another legend says that the Qianlong emperor visited the tea growing village in Hangzhou and passed a few moments picking tea leaves from the bushes. He suddenly received word that his mother had fallen ill. He carelessly stuffed a few of the tea leaves in his sleeve and dashed off to Beijing to visit her. Upon his arrival, his mother the empress Dowager smelled the sweet aroma of the leaves in his sleeve, so the emperor quickly brewed some of the leaves for her. The empress found herself completely refreshed and praised the tea as a remedy for all ills. From then on, the Long Jing Dragonwell tea was declared a tribute tea to the emperor’s family.

     Leaves for Dragonwell are picked early in the spring season. The tea master has expert techniques in achieving the desired formation of flavor including shaking, throwing, rubbing, and mixing the leaves. A process of pan firing is used to stop the oxidation and to give the tea a slight roasted flavor. Our organic Dragonwell has flavor notes of roasted corn and chestnut, with a buttery mouthfeel and slightly dry finish.

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 3 minutes in hot water 175° (under boiling, or boil and let it cool)


organic green tea

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