Formosa Oolong


Dark and smooth leafy oolong that goes well with savory foods and Asian foods. Partially oxidized tea leaves that yield an amber-colored infusion. Commonly served at Asian restaurants

Tasting Notes:   peaches | toasted walnuts | apricots

Origin: Taiwan

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   The island nation of Taiwan, historically known as “Formosa” (meaning beautiful), has had a relatively short tea history, compared to neighboring China. In the late 1700s, when Taiwan was a part of China, tea bushes were brought from Fujian, one of China’s most famous tea regions. Along with the tea, also from China came skilled tea growers and producers. The temperature, climate, and hilly landscape were found to be perfect for growing tea, and within a few decades, farmers were producing quality tea.

   Most of the credit for marketing and exporting Formosan tea goes to a Scottish merchant by the name of John Dodd. Dodd settled in Formosa in 1864 and within a few years set his sights on exporting some of the locally grown tea for profit at his new business, Dodd & Company. After selling some tea for a decent profit in Macao, Dodd proceeded to make loans to local farmers to increase their tea production. In 1867, Dodd exported to New York and London what he, for the first time ever, referred to as “Formosa Oolong”. In twenty years time, Formosa was famous for its teas and was annually exporting more than 10 million pounds.

   Taiwan has indeed become famous for its oolongs; producing such renowned teas as pouchong, dongding, oriental beauty, alishan, and more. Oolongs grown on this relatively small island nation accounts for over 20% of world production. Our Formosa Oolong has an even appearance of brown leaves with a speckling of light brown and dark greens, and an aroma which hints at roasted spices. The brewed tea is amber colored with flavor notes of peaches, toasted walnuts, and apricot. This type of tea can oftentimes be found served alongside food at quality Chinese restaurants.

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 3 minutes in hot water 195° (just under boiling)


oolong tea

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