Iron Goddess of Mercy


Named for a magical tea legend and made by skilled tea masters; tightly rolled leaves will unravel with each steeping. The cup brews a pale yellow with a floral and slightly vegetal aroma. 

Tasting Notes:  honey | peaches | roasted almonds

Origin: Fujian, China

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    In the county of Anxi, Fujian, China, tea has been surrounded by myth and legend for generations. The tea master has spent a lifetime with great purpose perfecting his or her techniques. There are many legends surrounding tea in China and the legend of ti guan yin is perhaps one of the most magical tea legends:

   Long ago, during times of strife and hardship, when overlords demanded tribute and armies pillaged villages and sacred temples, there was a farmer who would pray to Guanyin (the goddess of mercy) everyday. He would give thanks to Guanyin for her kindness and gifts, the ability to live off the land, for he had very little after his tribute payment. One day while foraging for edible roots and mushrooms he came upon stone ruins that were covered in vines and overgrowth. He crept closer to get a better look and moved some leaves out of the way. He was suddenly shocked to see the eyes of Guanyin looking at him! The statue was part of an old shrine to Guanyin that had fallen on years of neglect and misuse.

   Twice a day for many months the farmer would come to clean and fix up the neglected shrine, the compassionate eyes of Guanyin watching him lovingly prune trees away, remove weeds and restore the structure. After all of the hard work, the farmer lay sleeping and had a dream. He saw Guanyin in his dream and she handed him a small green leaf that smelled sweet like a lotus flower. When he woke early the next morning, he rushed to the shrine and saw the statue lit by a brilliant ray of sunlight and in front of the Guanyin statue were several seedlings, he knew these were the rare seedlings of the tea that would bring prosperity to his village. Now, he and the villagers could send a small amount of this rare tea as tribute instead of the food they farmed. They called the tea Ti Guan Yin, meaning Iron Goddess of Mercy.

   The production of Iron Goddess of Mercy, aka Ti Kuan Yin, was kept secret for many years, as it takes many years of expertise to achieve perfection. Still to this day, the exact method is only known to the tea master who makes it. We do know that it involves plucking the leaves, sun withering, cooling, tossing, fixation (firing), rolling, and drying. The finished product is a small tightly rolled ball of tea leaves, light and dark green in color. The tightly rolled leaves will yield several steepings, and the leaves will unravel more and more with each steeping.

    Our organic Iron Goddess of Mercy has a slightly vegetal, floral aroma. The liquid is a pale yellow color in the cup. The brewed tea is medium bodied and floral; notes of honey, peaches, roasted almonds, and flowers. The tea will leave an “echo” in your mouth for several minutes after drinking.

Steeping Instructions

Use one level teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 1-3 minutes in hot water 195° (just under boiling) steep multiple times for full experience

Allow for plenty of space for the leaves to expand as they brew


organic oolong tea

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Iron Goddess of Mercy
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