Jasmine Pearls


Meticulously hand-picked tea leaves that are rolled into tiny pearls. Leaves are heavily infused with fresh jasmine flowers to create the characteristic floral taste. May be steeped several times, or add several pearls to other teas to make unique flavors.

Tasting Notes: floral | grassy | sweet

Origin: Fujian, China

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   Although Jasmine is native to Iran, it is believed that the aromatic flowers made their way into China by way of the ancient Tea Horse Road. Developed in Fujian during the Song Dynasty, about a thousand years ago, flower-scented tea became a popular type of tea for aristocracy and elites. In the case of Jasmine Pearls, the pearl shape was originally utilized as a way to transport the delicate green tea leaves without crushing them. The tightly rolled ball is much more durable to keep the entire leaf intact.

   There is a legend surrounding the creation of Jasmine Pearls. A long time ago there was a young boy who was ill and nothing would help him. His sister had heard of a magical dragon who could help people in need, so she went to search for it. She climbed up a mountain and saw a mysterious cave surrounded by fragrant jasmine bushes. Inside the cave, she found the dragon and pleaded for him to help her poor brother. 

   The dragon soared into the air and from a pearl on its chest a single drop of illuminating water fell to the earth. In this spot, tiny sprouts started to appear. The dragon told the girl to take care of the sprouts and they will help her brother. Night and day she took care of the plants, when finally some leaves began to grow on the plants. She took the leaves and rolled them into the shape of the pearl that she saw on the dragon. She made some of the tea for her sick brother and the house had the aroma of jasmine all around. The brother miraculously fully recovered.

   Our Jasmine Pearls are made from hand-picked tea leaves and rolled with expertise in Fujian, China. Infused several times with jasmine flowers, there is a rich, deep floral sweetness. It’s advisable to re-steep the pearls several times, with each steeping, the large leaves will unravel a little more. You can also toss in a pearl or two to other teas to add just a touch of jasmine flavor.

Steeping Instructions

Use one level teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 2-3 minutes in hot water 175° (under boiling, or boil and let it cool), can become bitter if steeped too long. The first steeping tends to be the lightest

Allow for plenty of space for the leaves to expand as they brew, steep 3-4 times


green tea, jasmine flowers

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Jasmine Pearls
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