Living with the Tea


Sip aboard a slow boat ride of green tea through the edible greenhouses of tropical fruits, grains, and greens.

Tasting Notes:  banana | mango | toasted rice


Welcome to this voyage of discovery and the often-surprising nature of living with the tea. As you learn about the land and the importance of agriculture, you may be wondering, what is in my tea cup? Most teas start with the simple tea plant, the camellia sinensis. These tea plants are even featured on this classic park ride when discussing how Japan uses composted leaves as fertilizer. 

To embody this learning experience of a ride, we have blended the perfect green tea. Sip aboard this slow green tea boat and go on a greenhouse tour of edible plants. To start, we mixed a mellow green tea blend using Japanese green tea to showcase the overall green color of this ride. Green tea also has a similar vegetal spring taste like many of the crisp greens grown on site. 

Most importantly, we had to bring in the bananas you see on both sides of the boat. After all, it is the most popular fruit in the world! To showcase some of the other tropical plants we also mixed in some sweet mango and guava. 

And last but not least, we added toasted rice to represent the mighty grains of agriculture. Toasted rice is most commonly found in a Japanese green tea called genmaicha. It adds a nice nutty flavor and gives the tea a bit more body.   

Steeping Instructions

Use one teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 3 minutes in hot water 175°


                 green tea, candied mango, apple, banana flavor, banana chips, guava, beetroot, toasted rice, popped rice, cornflowers, calendula blossoms

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