Pai Mu Tan

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Known for having a hand-picked harvesting ratio of two leaves and one bud. Full bodied white tea with a medium dark yellow infusion. Herbaceous and sweet flavor with velvety mouthfeel. 

Tasting Notes:  flowers | honey | ripe fruit

Origin: Fujian, China

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     The classic white tea Pai Mu Tan, also called bai mudan, was first created and is still produced in Fujian, China. Some also refer to Pai Mu Tan as “white peony” tea. Although white tea is increasingly produced in other parts of the world, Fujian has the longest history with white tea and produces some of the best.

   As white tea leaves are minimally processed, one could imagine that the very first time someone (likely accidentally) discovered that these leaves could be steeped in hot water, it may have been something pretty close to what we know as white tea. There just so happens to be a Chinese legend that tells of that exact thing.

   In 2737 BC, the legendary Chinese emperor Shen Nung was traveling with his army and servants across the lands. He enjoyed boiling his water before drinking it to ensure it was clean. During a break from traveling, he instructed his servants to boil some water to drink. The servants set to the task. While the water was beginning to boil, a puff of wind blew a couple leaves from a nearby bush into the pot of water. Unnoticed, the servants continued and took the water to Shen Nung. Upon tasting the water, the emperor noticed the delightful taste and the renewed energy it gave him. The leaves were from a wild tea bush, and tea came into favor.

   While this story is mythical in nature, the truth may not be too far off. According to Chinese historical records, by around 1000 BC there were already tea farms near Sichuan and Yunnan. There is also a fairly detailed description of the “tea plant” in historical writings from the first century.

   Our organic Pai Mu Tan has big, full leaves and downy-hair leaf buds together in a mix of colors of white, olive green and brown. Because this tea is so fluffy, use a generous portion when brewing, about 2 heaping teaspoons per 8oz of water. Pai Mu Tan is considered a strong white tea, much stronger than silver needles and some green teas. The brewed tea is a pale to medium dark yellow. The taste is herby and sweet, with notes of flowers, honey and ripe fruit.

Steeping Instructions

Use one large heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water, use more leave for stronger taste

Let steep 3 minutes in hot water 185° (under boiling, or boil and let it cool)


organic white tea

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Pai Mu Tan
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 1 reviews
 by Maia Weems

This tea is delightful! So yummy and light.
They have flavor on point. Love this.

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1 review for Pai Mu Tan

  1. Maia W. (verified owner)

    This tea is delightful! So yummy and light. They have flavor on point. Love this.

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