Puerh Yunnan


Fermented tea leaves made with a method of wet piling that creates a dark colored infusion with an unmistakable earthy aroma. Unique properties of puerh may promote digestion. Taste notes of rich soil and aging wood.

Tasting Notes:  rich soil | aging wood | old books

Origin:  Yunnan, China

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   Around 2,000 years ago, winding through the mountains of western China, eastern India and Tibet was a road that carried goods and culture throughout the region. The ancient Tea Horse Road stretched over 4000 miles by some accounts and was the ancient version of a highway bustling with commerce. Some researchers claim the road even went as far as Egypt. Along the route, people transported food, horses, goods, and one of the most important commodities of the day, tea. Tea was in high demand in this tough landscape where winters in the mountains could be brutally cold and uncomfortable. Tea, much as it does today, brought warmth and comfort. Much of the tea that was transported on the ancient tea road would have been similar, at least partially, to today’s puerh tea.

   Puerh is a variety of tea that is relatively new to westerners. It is distinctive in that it has undergone an actual fermentation process, different from oxidation like other tea types. Typically made from the large, older leaves of the plant, puerh tea is picked, fired, typically with charcoal or wood fires, then may be rolled, or pressed into cakes or some other shape, and simply left to age. Ripe, or cooked, puerhs will undergo an additional process of wet-piling to speed up the special aging process to achieve the desirable dark appearance and earthy flavor. Puerhs can age for a long time; in China, some families collect old puerhs much like some westerners will collect valuable aged wines, and the puerh will increase in value with age. 

   Today, most of the Tea Horse Road has been replaced by actual roads and automobile traffic. Some sections are preserved, and you can still see the deep ruts in huge stone slabs, the result of horse hooves pounding along over a thousand years. Abandoned altars and small temples along the road are relics of history.

   Our organic Puerh Yunnan was crafted in Yunnan, China, using more modern methods but with the same ancient inspiration. This puerh is of the “cooked” variety, also called shou puerh. The first time you smell the leaves, you can instantly be taken back to the times of the Tea Horse Road. You can smell the wood and mushrooms of the forests and perhaps the soil trampled after a drenching rain. The brewed tea is nearly opaque black. Pick up notes of wet soil, slightly floral, and aged wood. Know that with each sip of this tea, you are very nearly drinking history.

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 3-5 minutes in hot water 208° (boiling)


organic puerh tea

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Puerh Yunnan
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