Sea Witch


Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it? Thankfully, this tea is the obvious choice if you are looking for a fruity blend that is full bodied and luxurious. Brews a purple color.

Tasting Notes:  cherry | coconut | kiwi


Make your poor unfortunate friends jealous with this luxuriously silky fruit tea. The sea witch is known for having an eclectic array of ingredients to use in her potions. So we bottled up some fruit ‘critters’ including coconut, cherry, and kiwi. And then for the final magic touch, we added some butterfly pea blossoms and beetroot so it would brew a purple color.

This fruit tea is unlike any other with its creamy and full bodied texture. Most fruit blends are a bit tart, but since this one has no hibiscus, the fruit taste is much softer. This matches the Sea Witch’s personality perfectly since she can smooth talk her way into making a mermaid give up her own voice.

The color will vary cup to cup depending on how many pea blossoms end up in your tea spoon.

Steeping Instructions

Use one teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 5-8 minutes in hot water 208° (boiling)


apple, sour cherries, coconut, butterfly pea blossoms, kiwi, cranberry slices, beetroot, flavor

caffeine free

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Sea Witch
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 by Alex

Really nice fruit tea that turns purple-ish blue!!

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50 grams $10.00, 100 grams $18.00