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Spot of Tea on Main Street

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Co-owner of Trader Nicks Tea and Disney fanatic

     The next time you are taking a stroll down main street, USA, take a look and see if you can spot some tea. There is always something hot to sip behind the Main Street Bakery windows with cozy tins of tea and tea cups of nostalgia.

     Look up and beyond the floor storefronts and find charming dining windows of fashionable restaurants brewing up some brews. Like the Chinese Restaurants spotted above Casey’s Corner! There you will always find an amber cup of Formosa Oolong and maybe even a dark rich cup of Puerh to finish your meal.

     If you are lucky, you may stumble upon one of our favorite tea ladies, Mrs. Potts, herself! She is always bubbling and brewing up something enchanted. We have also spotted some tea nested on a sewing desk. Not sure who it belongs to, but we have spotted the Mad Hatter nearby and some very skilled singing mice.


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