Tangled hot tea toddy rapunzel

Tangled Toddy

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Brighten the season with Drop of Sunlight 🌻

This zesty and fruity green tea has a zing of lemon, joyful dancing chamomile blossoms, and sweet pineapple. Brews a beautiful golden yellow that just brings a little happiness into your teacup 😊 and it is low in caffeine!

Since this tea is so lemony, it is perfect for using as a base for a hot toddy. Makes for a great warming festive drink anytime and also is a soothing drink if you are feeling under the weather. 

Tangled hot tea toddy rapunzel

Tangled Toddy Recipe

🟡  Heat up some apple juice

🟡  Brew up a strong pot of Drop of Sunlight tea (use an extra teaspoon to make stronger)

🟡  In a big mug, pour in half hot apple juice and half hot tea, sweeten as desired

🥃Boozy option: add in 1-2oz vodka


✔️Pro tip: warm the booze first so it doesn’t knock the heat out of your drink. First, heat a teacup by filling it with boiling water and letting it sit for a minute. Pour the hot water out and then measure the booze into the warm cup and place a small plate on top. Give it a minute or so to warm before adding it to your drink.

Tangled hot tea toddy rapunzel


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