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Tea Gift Guide: How to Use Different Personality types to shop flavors

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I am here to help you find the tea of your dreams, even if you don’t know what those dreams are. 

Gifting tea to friends can be very intimidating, especially if you don’t know much about tea! But chances are, you know the person you are gifting it to, so let’s start there. 

To determine the perfect tea to give, we are going to look at tea tastes based on personalities and Disney character comparisons. For each character/personality I have carefully chosen 3 teas to perfectly suit their tastes.

And when you are gifting, we always recommend going with the ‘minnie’ pouches so that way if they happen to not like the tea, there isn’t as much to go through. The ‘minnie’ pouch deal is also great for gifting options since it includes 3 teas of your choice. 

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Tea Recommendations based on 5 Disney Personalities

Ok, so now think about your friend that you are giving this tea to. What kind of person are they? Who are they to you? Choose from the 5 character options below and see what 3 teas are the best match…

Rapunzel: Funny / Outgoing

This person is always there for you and is always keeping things entertaining. Their positivity is infectious and they are always down for an adventure. 

Drop of Sunlight is inspired by the joyful princess herself, Rapunzel, this tea is nothing but bright and sunny. This fruit-heavy tea blend has everything that makes life better: green tea, sweet pineapple, tart lemon, and soothing chamomile. 

Tiki Tea draws inspiration from our favorite singing birds of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Pineapple infused green tea with strong flavors of creamy coconut and a touch of tart hibiscus.

Ice-Scream Inc is an energizing black tea inspired by Monster’s Inc. The ice cream flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry go perfectly together like another trio of friends we know. Vanilla for the one who wants to play by the rules, chocolate for the most cuddly monster you have ever met, and strawberry for the one who says Boo!

Drop of Sunlight rapunzel tangled disney mural

Duchess: Shy / Creative

You will often find this friend at home but their minds are usually traveling elsewhere. They are naturally skilled, but don’t show off and instead pursue niche subjects or collections.

Living with the Tea is perfect for those who want something that is more niche and nostalgic with a completely unique flavor. Sip aboard a slow boat ride of green tea through the edible greenhouses of tropical fruits, grains, and greens. Light and nutty green tea with toasted rice, banana, and mango. 

Duchess is elegant and sophisticated, listening to classical and jazz while sipping her tea. So clearly, her tea is just as classy as she is; delicate white tea as a base, with aromatic chamomile, luscious lavender, sweet apple, and a hint of pineapple. 

Ghoulish Delight is inspired by our favorite Disney ride, the Haunted Mansion. It is a great fit for the shy and creative type, the ghosts mostly keep to themselves and you will find no better artistic inspiration than the mansion! Upon first observation of the tea, you get the unearthly essence of robust almond and sweet caramel; next you get the aged and slightly musty aroma of the dark and mysterious puerh tea. Hard to go wrong with this dessert of chocolate, toffee, and almond goodness.  

Duchess france white tea epcot lavender

Mary Poppins: Serious / Hard Working

Always moving forward, these friends keep things in order and have high expectations. They tend to be early risers and are some of the some dedicated people you know.

Belle’s Library is an obvious choice for the serious hard worker who would greatly benefit from a library of books and would appreciate the no nonsense frills of this robust black tea. This blend has cocoa bits and roasted cocoa shell to give a robust cocoa flavor. We have also added aged puerh tea to give a slightly earthy flavor and slight aroma of old books.

Cherry Tree Lane inspired by none other than the practically perfect Mary Poppins is a lovely green tea. Ideal for a light afternoon pick me up with a fresh cherry taste. We also have added gunpowder green tea and Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong tea to add some body to the blend and honor the regimented Admiral Boom. 

Monorail Morning is exactly what you need in the morning to get you going, just like taking the monorail to Magic Kingdom or Epcot first thing in the morning. Not too frilly, but still packed with flavor and energizing for a long day ahead. Strong black tea mixed with sweet orange peel, and perfectly spiced with cinnamon and cloves.

Cherry tree lane epcot mary poppins

Fairy Godmother: Sweet / Thoughtful

This friend is always ready with a comforting phrase and is the first to bring the homemade muffins. They are naturally gifted with many skills and can fix almost any problem. 

Rumbly in my Tumbly is as sweet as it is comforting with soothing mint and ginger. And since it is themed after Winnie the Pooh, there is of course the taste of honey! The flavorful herbal tea also has sweet apple and vanilla and is caffeine free. 

Midnight Pumpkin is inspired by the magical moment in the classical Disney movie Cinderella when the Fairy Godmother transforms the pumpkin into a carriage. Creamy caffeine free rooibos, pumpkin flavor, and a touch of bibbidi bobbidi blueberry combine to make this herbal tea an enchanted delight. 

Man Catchin’ Beignets is the ultimate comfort tea  and if you had a friend like Tiana, you know she would always have a beignet ready for you. To perfectly capture the essence of specialty New Orleans beignets, we start with a base of caramel-flavored oolong tea. The roasted oolong tea leaves with caramel really taste like fried pastry dough; we also add a hint of coconut and vanilla to sweeten the deal.     

Midnight Pumpkin rooibos cinderella fairy godmother pumpkin

Maleficent: Mysterious / Dark

Need a new perspective? This friend sees things in a different way and can be brutally honest when they need to be. They keep to themselves but are very loyal. 

Black Pearl is themed after the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and movie with the aroma strongly resembling the burning rum smell from the ride. It is definitely one of our darker teas with a complex smoky flavor with charred rum, coconut, vanilla, and cannon-fire.  

Dragon Queen is a purple and green tea inspired by Maleficent. We created this blend to represent her menacing beauty and power. She is often surrounded by green flames and purple smoke, so we started with a green tea and added in purple and green fruits of raspberry, dragonfruit, and kiwi. Then we added in some butterfly pea blossoms so it would brew a dark purple color.   

Lights on the Bayou is a cozy and comforting tea that is themed after the bayou in Princess and the Frog. This tea is perfect for mysterious personalities because much like the bayou in the movie, they are only intimidating until you shine a light on them and dig a little deeper. The scene with the fireflies leading the way through the bayou are represented in flavor here with yellow banana, yellow chamomile, and the fire rum glaze of a banana’s foster.  

dragon queen maleficent tea sleeping beauty lego disney springs

Share and Ask Your Friends What Character They Are!

Hopefully this tea gift guide can be useful in helping you select the perfect tea. Just know that tea tastes can be so personal, but you will never know until you try it. So getting small amounts and samples are almost always worth the adventure, even if it is not the right cup. The more you taste, the closer you will be to finding your favorite. 


If this list was useful to you, please share! Ask your friends what character they see themselves as on social media. You might be surprised how some people see themselves in the Disney world.  


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