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Any lover of teas knows the joy of seeing one of these shops while on vacation or in a touristy area with high foot traffic. The Spice & Tea Exchange is a franchise chain that is based in Florida and is found in many spots around the country. These quaint shops obviously offer spices and teas, but you will also find an array of gifts, tea and kitchen accessories and tools. As fellow tea connoisseurs, we personally have a sort of love/hate feeling towards these spots, as we feel they are generally more spice shops since that is what you smell when you walk in the shop and many times, that is the flavor that is leached into many of the teas! However, we also go in to look around and many times find something to buy! 

On a recent trip to Disney Springs we were delighted to find that this location now has a tea bar where you can actually get a cup of tea brewed to go. We were obviously excited to get a cup of proper tea from a tea (and spice) shop. 


You simply browse their tea section of the store and pick out a tea that you would like to get a cup of. They ring you up over at the register then just wait for your tea to finish. You should definitely go over and watch them make your tea, as un-awkwardly as possible.

We ended up having a few complaints about our teas. Unfortunately, many of the teas we have tried (here and at other locations over the years) have a very light underlying flavor of kitchen spices. This is because they also sell delicious, fresh spices, which are very strong, as they should be. Typically at least 2/3rds of the store walls are covered with different spices, cooking herbs, salts, and the like. All of these lovely aromas are simply overpowering for the much smaller tea section. Also, loose leaf tea sort of acts like a sponge, it really absorbs flavors. That’s why we suggest not storing tea in the fridge or near other strong smells…like spices.

Our other complaint was with the water temperature for green teas. Nicolette had ordered a green tea the first time before we had realized that they use the same temperature of water for all of their selections. This can be an issue with green teas especially since they tend to get pretty bitter if brewed too hot. This issue can obviously be avoided by just not ordering green teas. From now on, we will be sticking to the black teas, herbal, and fruit blends. 

One last small thing to note, that we will admit is being a bit nit-picky, is the ice in the iced tea melted as soon as we got it. We watched this being made and it is easy to see what happened, they simply used too much hot water to brew the tea. Using the Ingenuitea, as seen in the photo, they should have only filled it up less than half with the hot water, then when they pour it over the cup of ice, there would be some ice cubes left over instead of all melting away. When we make iced tea at home, we find that making it more like a concentrate like this helps prevent the tea from getting watered down. Now, it does look like they have markings on the brewer to note this, so this might have been a one time thing.

So overall, next time we will order a strong flavored back tea or a fruit tea, hot, so unwanted aromas wouldn’t be as overpowering and there would be no chance of it being brewed bitter. We highly suggest going here and picking out a tea from the wall to try. You may just have to experiment a bit before you find the right one.


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