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The Nicks’ Picks for Iced Tea

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Living in Florida, we are obviously huge fans of iced tea – nothing hits the spot like a big cup of refreshing iced tea during the spring and summer. It also doesn’t really matter what kind, to us, although to be honest we have our favorites.

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Most of the agreed upon favorite flavors for iced tea usually involve fruit flavored teas, this is because the flavor of fruits just shine a little more when they are served cold. This is not to say that some people may prefer other flavors for iced, that is the great thing about tea, there is something different for everyone!


We have compiled a list of some of our favorite Trader Nicks teas for iced tea below. All of these teas make delicious iced tea and are very refreshing. Most of the flavors are fruity, however there are a couple of unflavored teas that also are great iced.

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Chim Chim Cherry – large, fluffy white tea leaves mixed with tart cherries and sweet apples with just a touch of vanilla. Has light caffeine


Darjeeling – often served in traditional settings Darjeeling black tea makes delicious and clear iced tea that is light and crisp

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Drop of Sunlight – sweet and fruity blend with light caffeine and bursting flavor of lemon and pineapple. Makes a good base for homemade tea lemonade – just add some sweetener and a squeeze of lemon juice for the best drink ever!


Mermaid Lagoon – fruity green tea blend with sweet goji berries, pomegranate, and a bit of lemongrass. Brews a light bluish-green color, the color of the hidden Mermaid Lagoon

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Mouseketea – refreshing blend of black tea with raspberry & blackberry. Makes perfect fruity iced tea and works great as a morning source of caffeine


Sencha – strong, sweet and grassy authentic Japanese green tea. High in antioxidants and can be brewed for hot or iced tea

Wish upon a tea disney iced summer

Tiki Tea – Pacific island themed flavors of coconut and pineapple, mixed with high quality green tea leaves. Delicious on its own or add your favorite spirit for an adult beverage


Wish Upon A Tea – dreamy blend of sweet peaches, creamy vanilla, and tropical mango that puts this black tea at the top of everyone’s wish list

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