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These Teas Make A Scary Halloween Movie Night Even Better



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With Halloween right around the corner, we have some scary movie night tea recommendations for you! One of our favorite ways to enjoy tea is to brew up a hot cup, snuggle on the couch, and watch a movie. We typically are not into watching too many scary movies, but leading up to Halloween, we always watch a few. And watching them with tea can be a much needed comfort!  

Here are three of our favorite scary movies paired with different teas.

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The Shining

This absolute classic scary movie is set in an old hotel with a haunted past. Remind you of anything Disney? For us, the Hollywood Tower Hotel is the first thing that comes to mind and our tea inspired by the Tower of Terror. The tea is called Glitz & Glitter and is a black tea with elegant pomegranate, cranberry, and a gold shimmer. Drinking this fruity sparkling blend will remind you of the glitzy glory days of these fabulous hotels. Especially in the scene where Jack talks with the bartender in The Gold Room. Pour in a little bourbon for an even more immersive experience.

glitz and glitter the shining tower of terror tea

If you are wanting a little more Fall vibes while watching the Shining, go for some Pumpkin King tea. This warming black tea is blended with creamy pumpkin and pie spices for an ultimate spiced pumpkin chai taste. How does it connect with the Shining though? The main character is also named Jack and even though Jack Skellington doesn’t lose his mind, he is definitely not thinking straight.

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Interview with a Vampire

This entrancing gothic vampire story always gets us in the spooky spirit. It is a dark but not very scary look into the world of these night creatures. We have two teas in mind to pair with this movie. First is our Dots & Bows fruit blend inspired by Minnie Mouse with juicy watermelon and strawberry. Seems like an odd choice at first, but the tea pairs perfectly with the character, Claudia, the child vampire. She is dressed in fanciest frills and bows like Minnie and her thirst for blood is represented in the red color of the brewed tea. 


Our second choice would be our Man Catchin’ Beignets tea. The first half of the movie takes place in New Orleans which may have the vampires craving Creole blood, but we have a taste for something more human friendly. This tea captures that beignet taste with a dark oolong base blended with vanilla and caramel.

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Dots & Bows
Man-Catchin' Beignets
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This ghostly movie is about a suburban house being haunted by ghosts that kidnap the youngest daughter. While the ghosts in this movie are quite malevolent, we are pairing it with a tea blend inspired by much happier haunts. Our Haunted Mansion inspired Ghoulish Delight tea is a bold black tea with almond, chocolate, toffee, and a touch of earthy puerh tea. The creamy sweet dessert taste will be comforting when watching some of the more scary moments in this movie. Lessons learned from this movie, don’t build houses on a graveyard, just go visit the ghost at the Haunted Mansion instead.

ghost trend tea cup woods
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