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Three Tiki Tea Drinks that you can make Boozy or Alcohol-Free with Tea

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The Secret Tea Ingredient for Tiki Drinks

Whenever I am making drinks for Nick and myself, I always have a mocktail alternative since I do not drink alcohol. However, most mocktail recipes for tiki style drinks are over the top sweet since they are lacking the very important flavor of the rum itself.  


So, do your booze-free tiki drinks really need to be that sweet? No. I am here to solve this mocktail problem with three Tiki Tea Drink recipes using my magic ingredient, a special pirate rum tasting tea called The Black Pearl.

jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean

This black tea is nutty, oaky, and has a touch of that Tortuga burning aroma from the smoked tea used in the blend. Black Pearl is also a naturally mildly sweet tasting tea and mostly tastes of charred sweet coconut rum. The aroma is strongly reminiscent of the Disney park ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the color is a light golden amber.  

Because The Black Pearl Tea taste can mimic rum in a recipe, it is ideal for swapping in rum based tiki drinks. While Jack Sparrow would prefer rum, I think even he would enjoy this tea! 

I have created these 3 recipes all with mocktail versions and rum infused counterparts; it is more fun to be able to drink together! Cheers!

The recipes include Stormy Beach, Kraken Killer, and Kraka-Tea Punch

pirates of the caribbean jail scene
Don't make these pirates wait for their tiki drinks!

Tiki Tea Mocktail ‘n’ Cocktail Recipes

Stormy Beach

Inspired by the tiki drink Dark ‘n’ Stormy 

If you are not a fan of tiki drinks because they are too sweet, then this is your tiki drink. This fizzy brew has a light aromatic taste, spicy ginger aroma, and oaky nutty notes from the tea. It has a light sandy color and is casual but sophisticated enough for slowly sipping. 

The sweet coconut cream foam gently spooned on the top is the real secret to this drink! This stuff is designed as a coffee creamer so it is very sweet; just a little bit goes a long way! It elevates the spice of the drink with the foamy creamy texture. Visually, the white foam resembles white seafoam on a sandy beach.

dark n stormy tiki drink



5 Part Double Strength Brewed Black Pearl Tea

½ Part Happy Thoughts Tea Simple Syrup 

¼ of a Lime juice 

1 Part Ginger Beer

½ Part Coconut Cream Cold Foam

For Boozy option add

½ Part Falernum 

1 Part Dark Rum

stormy beach tiki tea cocktail ingredients


    1. In a cocktail shaker add ice, tea, syrup, and falernum (alcohol) and shake well    
    2. Using an electric whisk, foam up the coconut creamer in a separate glass 
    3. In your serving glass, layer in some ice and pour over the shaker mixture
    4. Pour the ginger beer on top
    5. If adding rum, gently pour on top to layer at this stage 
    6. Gently spoon the foam onto the top of the beverage
    7. Garnish with a lime slice
cold foam coconut whip
tikit tea drink pirates black pearl

Kraken Killer

Inspired by the tiki drink, Painkiller 

Kill the stress kraken Jack Sparrow style with a tropical rum drink that is equally fruity as it is strong. The pineapple and coconut come through vibrantly with a light sweetness from the Happy Thoughts green tea syrup. The Black Pearl Tea really shines here with an oaky sweet rum taste. 

The secret ingredient here though is the Tiki Cherry! We made these by slightly cooking fresh Rainier Cherries in a simple syrup made from our Tiki Tea, a green tea with pineapple and coconut. And even though this drink is boldly fruity, it is still not overly sweet.

Kraken Killer tiki tea drink pineapple coconut



4 Part Double Strength Brewed Black Pearl Tea

For Boozy version sub 3 Part Tea and 1 Part Dark Rum

2 Part Pineapple Juice

½ Part Sweet Coconut Creamer

½ Part Happy Thoughts Tea Simple Syrup 

¼ of a Lime

¼ part Tiki Tea Syrup from Cocktail Cherry Jar

Tiki Tea Cherry 

Dash of Nutmeg

tiki tea drink ingredients


  1. In a cocktail shaker, add ice and all ingredients except the cherry
  2. Shake well
  3. Add ice to a tall glass and strain the mix to serve and drop in a cherry
  4. Garnish with a dash of nutmeg
coconut pineapple tiki tea drinks

Kraka-Tea Punch

Inspired by the tiki drink from Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto’s Krakatoa Punch 

Some days, you just need something a little sweeter with an extra punch of that ‘something’ special. The answer to that craving is almost always, cinnamon. Since this recipe uses a spiced rum, we needed to replace that taste with one of our teas. Monorail Morning is the perfect choice as a bold black tea with cinnamon, clove, and orange peel


We also elevated the grenadine by using our homemade syrup steeped with the tart cherry vanilla tea, Chim Chim Cherry. You are going to want to pour a second glass of this!

krakatoa punch disney tiki drink



2 Part Double Strength Brewed Black Pearl Tea

2 Part Double Strength Brewed Monorail Morning Tea

1 Part Pineapple Juice

½ Part Orange Juice

½ Part Passion Fruit Juice

½ Part Chim Chim Grenadine 

½ Part Almond Syrup (Orgeat) 

¼ of a Lime 


For Boozy option add

½ Part Spiced Rum 

½ Part Dark Rum 

tiki tea drink ingredients


  1. In a cocktail shaker, add ice and all ingredients 
  2. Shake well
  3. Add ice to a tall glass and strain the mix to serve
krakatoa punch disney tiki drink monorail


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