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Trader Nicks go to the Tea Expo 2021

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Being in the tea business, we get to go to the World Tea Expo, held each year in Las Vegas. Our first time was back in 2012 when we opened our first tea shop and we have been almost every year since. This year was supposed to be in Denver, but it switched back to Vegas last minute. We honestly didn’t mind since we love walking around Las Vegas… almost as much as we love walking around the Disney parks.  

The expo itself is a gathering of many growers, distributors and innovators in tea and nearly anything tea related. This industry-only event is the premier tea conference in the U.S. and we are fortunate for the opportunity to have some face to face time with some of our tea brokers and meet new partners each year.

One of the many tea classes we got to take

Our sampling cups were still printed with the original location 

The expo floor 

After being canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, we were very excited to get back in 2021. Although the exhibit floor was quite a bit smaller than usual (still pandemic related) we found some interesting things and got to chat with a few people. 


We got to attend classes and lectures each day of the conference and get some additional insights into the world of tea. Currently trending in the tea world, we learned more about making tea cocktails, blending with herbs, and we tried some RTD teas. RTD stands for ready to drink which includes teas that you find bottled and canned in stores. This RTD trend continues to grow as more people become interested in tea, but we still always find ourselves going back to the leaf. 


Scroll down to see some of the new teas we got to try this year. Our favorite thing we tasted at the expo was a Darjeeling white tea (pictured below) with light crisp notes of tropical fruits.

Darjeeling white tea

Sparkling RTD teas! Our favorite was the black tea with apple juice

This tea company uses large pieces of fruit in their infusions that you eat after you are done drinking. This one was the peppermint and berries that came with a peppermint teabag and dehydrated fruit 

Every morning before the tea classes, we got to try hot samples of teas from Rwanda. We tried their white, green, and black tea and the green tea was our favorite

RTD matcha! We tried both the sweetened and unsweetened and prefer the sweetened with this one. Ito En is a well known Japanese green tea producer and you can even find some of their  teas in the Japan pavilion in Epcot 

Mushrooms are super trendy right now, so it didn’t surprise us to find some mushroom tea at the expo this year. They were pretty tasty and a fun way to consume these mushrooms for holistic health

Along with the Tea Expo, there was also a co-located Bar & Restaurant Expo so we hopped over to sample some Twisted Tea, obviously 

Some exquisite Chines teas! Love how the display really highlighted the natural beauty of the tea leaves. They had a Ruby Black Tea that was simply divine.

Look how stunning these tea sets are! 

When we weren’t at the expo, we did plenty of exploring the strip and lots of walking 


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