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Travel Around The World one Tea at a time; gift collection of sweet dessert teas

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What if there was a holiday tea for every country in Epcot? And they were all dessert teas that everyone will love!? I am jumping ahead. 

Walking around the World Showcase in Epcot, it is hard not to notice the changing aromas from country to country. It is clear how important smells and tastes are and they play a huge role in creating that country’s atmosphere. We wanted to take that theming to the next level and create the ultimate collection of teas inspired by traditional desserts found in each country.  

Disney has their own version of this with the Holiday Cookie Stroll, but we have our flavors opened up to all traditional desserts, not just cookies. We started this collection in 2021 with just France, Italy, and Germany. Then in, 2022 we added Mexico and L’Chaim and brand new this year is Norway for 2023. 

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To create these blends, we first did research on the traditional and seasonal desserts each country was known for. And once we get to know more of the history and the key flavors, then we start to look at how those could be transformed into a tea. The resulting collection is such a fun unique take on holiday flavors and goes so far beyond the basic cinnamon spice. 

As a perfect sampling of desserts from around the world in tea form, this collection makes a charming gift for any tea lover! 

Take a Tea Tour of the Countries

Now imagine you have just walked under Spaceship Earth and are now walking up the center walkway to the World Showcase. It is the holidays and the giant tree is up decorated with holiday greetings from around the world. In our imaginary Epcot, the World Showcase is doing a special Tea Tasting tour of the holidays. 

Come with us to taste teas inspired by popular desserts from 6 different countries. Turn left because our first stop is Mexico! And we will finish with France!

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mexico pavilion epcot rooibos

1. Mexico Churros

Pour a hot cup of the best dessert smells of a Mexican Christmas! When thinking of Christmas in Mexico, the most alluring flavor has to be the classic cinnamon churro (aside from tamales of course!). To recreate this taste, we mixed the naturally creamy rooibos with cinnamon and vanilla and then added in a bit of almond for a sweet, nutty horchata taste. The tea also has just a touch of hibiscus in the blend as a festive Christmas color accent to the leaves.

On the tea label, you can see inspiration from the Mexico Pavilion decorated with bright red poinsettias during the International Festival of the Holidays. You can also find lots of classic Mexican desserts in the border including concha, flan, tri-color polvorones (cookies), puerquitos (gingerbread pigs), and galletas de grageas (sprinkle cookies).

mexico pavilion epcot rooibos
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Norway tea epcot dessert disney kringla bakeri

2. Norway Krumkake

One of the most iconic theme park bakeries is the beloved Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in the Norway pavilion, home to the popular school bread. Norwegian baked goods are enticing year-round but are extra special during the Christmas season. In Norway, it is common for each household to make seven different types of cookies for Christmas.

To represent our Christmas in Norway tea, we chose the simple yet beautiful Krumkake. These flat iron cookies are thin and delicate, rolled into a cone, and filled with whipped cream. For our Krumkake tea, we went with the traditionally scented cardamom cookie, complemented with a vanilla almond cream. The resulting tea is aromatic and perfectly complements a day of baking cookies in a cozy cabin in the snow, trimmed with fresh pine.

On the label, you will find popular Norwegian Christmas decorations, such as homemade straw ornaments and a strand of Norwegian flags strung up on a tree. There are also plenty of Norwegian desserts to visually delight you, including Berlinerkranser, Fattigmann, Goro, Kringla, Pepperkaker, Rosettes, Sandkaker, and Sirupssnipper.

Disney parks Epcot Norway Christmas decorations
Germany pavilion dessert tea christmas epcot pretzel ornament

3. Germany Lebkuchen

Head to the German Pavilion to see the Christmas decorations, step into the ornament shop, smell the caramel popcorn and hot pretzels. 

Our International Teas of the Holidays Germany blend is inspired by chocolate-dipped ginger Lebkuchen cookies, a German seasonal specialty. On our unique label you can find all sorts of German treats like soft pretzels, gingerbread men, Lebkuchen cookies, and you may even find the pickle ornament!

Our blend to commemorate the holidays in the Germany pavilion is a black tea with dark chocolate, spicy ginger and a dash of festive red peppercorn. The flavor is an indulgent mix of chocolate and ginger that goes perfectly with Lebkuchen cookies and other chocolate or spiced treats.

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Germany pavilion epcot tea
Italy pavilion dessert tea christmas epcot

4. Italy Pizzelle

The Italy Pavilion is so elegant during the Festival of the Holidays with the beautiful lights and ornaments. For inspiration, we looked a little closer to home with a cookie my family made every Christmas and gave away as gifts. Our International Teas of the Holidays Italy blend is inspired by the famous Italian Pizzelle cookie. On our unique label you can some tasty Italian bites like biscotti, panettone, rainbow cookies, and of course pizzelle cookies. Pizzelle cookies have a caramel-y buttery flavor infused with traditional flavors of aniseed and orange.

Our blend to commemorate the holidays in the Italy pavilion is a black tea with caramel, vanilla, aniseed and orange peel. The flavor is a perfect match to other treats or meals and makes a good morning or afternoon tea.

Befana performer Italy epcot
L'Chaim tea hanukkah epcot festival of the holidays

5. L'Chaim Sufganiyot

One of our favorite booths to visit during the Epcot Festival is L’Chaim; foods eaten during the Jewish Festival of Lights, Hanukkah. The foods served here are a celebration of oil including fried potato latkes and donuts. The oil symbolizes the miracle in the Hanukkah story of a day’s worth of oil burning for eight days keeping the temple lit. 

Our tea is blended to taste like the well known fried jelly-filled donuts called Sufganiyot. The base is a black tea with some green tea mixed in with a melange of berries and vanilla that give it a very rich jam taste.

On the tea label, the art includes symbols of the Jewish holiday including menorahs and the Star of David. There are also Hannukah foods such as challah, dreidel cake, gelt (chocolate coins), rugelach, dreidel cookies, and black & white cookies.

l'Chaim food booth in Epcot World Showcase
hanukkah performer epcot
france pavilion dessert tea christmas epcot
France Pavilion poinsettias Epcot world

6. France Buche de Noel

No Christmas trip to Epcot is complete without exploring the France pavilion! The fresh baked desserts are always plentiful here! Our International Teas of the Holidays France blend is inspired by a chocolate Buche de Noel cake with an espresso glaze, a French holiday favorite. On our unique label you can find all sorts of French inspired treats like eclairs, macarons, fruit tarts and of course the epic Buche de Noel complete with woodland marzipan mushrooms.

Our blend to commemorate the holidays in the France pavilion is a black tea with dark chocolate, sweet coconut, whole coffee beans, and tart cranberries. The flavor is rich, yet light in body, like a fluffy chocolate cake with a just a hint of espresso.

france pavilion dessert tea christmas epcot

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This unique collection of teas are only available through the holiday season and will be gone by mid January. 


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