Valentine’s Tea Trio Gift Ideas

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Here are some recommendations for teas to drink this Valentines Day. Whether you are having tea for two or sipping at a Valentine’s tea party, love for tea is in the air!

Since our ‘Minnie’ Samplers are so popular, I decided to come up with two groups of three that would make fun themed samplers. The Make Your Own ‘Minnie’ Samplers include 3 teas of your choice and are $18. Each of the pouches of tea makes about 10-12 cups.

The first trio theme is Love + Blue and the second is Romance + Red. Of course, you can always mix and match and make your own Valentine’s tea sampler.

Make Your Own Minnie Sampler 

The True Blue Love Trio

Midnight Pumpkin, Enchanted Rose, Bella Notte

Midnight Pumpkin is a caffeine free rooibos with a dreamy pumpkin and blueberry taste that will have you singing, “So This is Love.”

Enchanted Rose is a bold black tea with red rose petals and black currants. While love can break the spell of the Enchanted Rose, this tea may just cast its own spell on your taste buds.

Bella Notte is a caffeine free rooibos with creamy tiramisu and roasted cocoa. One sip of this tasty dessert tea and as the song goes, you will be seeing stars in your eyes.

The Romance Red Trio

Circle of Life, Tink’s Temper, Glitz & Glitter

Circle of Life is a caffeine free rooibos with creamy almond and bright blood orange. And romance is part of that Circle of Life, right? I mean, the lions eat the grass… they stare at each other through waterfalls…

Tink’s Temper is a fiery black tea with sweet cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and hot kick of chili pepper. This tea is definitely a perfect pairing for that fiery romance that really can ignite some passion for fellow chai lovers.

Glitz & Glitter is a seductive black tea with red cranberry, pomegranate, and just a touch of gold glitter. Themed to the old Hollywood glamour days, this tea evokes a romantic evening at the Tip Top club of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.   


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