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What Delicious Vegan Snacks did we eat at Epcot Flower Fest 2022?

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Perhaps our favorite time of year at Walt Disney World is the spring and with it comes the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. This festival seems to be getting more popular each year and almost rivals the Food & Wine Festival in terms of length and food and drink offerings. This year we enjoyed going around the food booths looking for more tasty vegan food options and checking out all of the fun festival highlights like the character topiaries throughout the park, the bonsai exhibit, in the Japan Pavilion and the tea garden in the UK Pavilion.

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Everything we ate on our Epcot trip

One of our favorite foods this year was the avocado toast from the Sunshine Griddle kiosk. All of the veggies were fresh and delicious and the toast was crispy and flavorful. This is the first year that this dish was plant based as is without having to customize your order. 



Another favorite that returned this year was the potato pancakes from the Bauernmarkt booth in the Germany Pavilion. These perfectly fried potato pancakes are topped with sweet house-made apple sauce to create a savory/sweet delight. 

epcot vegan avocado toast flower and garden
epcot festival food germany potato pancake
epcot Three Caballeros Donald Duck Topiary

The Trowell & Trellis Booth

Also making a return this year, which we were huge fans of is the Trowell & Trellis booth, which is sponsored by Impossible. Everything at this booth is vegan as is and there are some tasty treats that are real crowd pleasers (even for those who are not vegan!). 


The boneless Impossible Korean short rib was flavorful and juicy and was served with really delicious steamed veggies, fresh slaw and a kimchee mayonnaise. The veggies nearly steal the spotlight on this dish as they seemed fresh and were prepared well. Bring on the bok choy!


There was also the Impossible sausage and kale soup. This soup was flavorful but we really wished they could bring this back for the colder months as it is hearty and warming! Although the coldest time of year is usually during the Epcot Art Festival, this dish is FAR from an artistic aesthetic, haha. The pita that was served with it was a bit hard, so we passed on that. 

vegan Korean short rib Impossible sausage and kale soup
epcot festival vegan Impossible sausage and kale soup

The next dish from this booth was the grilled baby vegetables with hummus and red pepper coulis. We tried this dish last year and we were not fans of it, but we gave it another chance this year and we are glad we did! The veggies had a deliciously rich char-grilled flavor and the hummus and coulis went great with them. And as opposed to last year when they were served chilled, this was served hot from the grill.

epcot flower festival grilled baby vegetables with hummus vegan
epcot dessert chocolate cake raspberry vegan

The last plate from the Trowel & Trellis Booth was the chocolate cake topped with whipped cassis mousse served with raspberry gelato and fresh raspberries. This dessert really shined and is exactly what you want from a chocolate and raspberry combination! The cake was moist and chocolatey and the whipped mousse was sweet and airy. The raspberry gelato paired perfectly and offered a nice balance of flavors. 


With chocolate cake, you would expect this dish to be heavy, but the tart raspberry made this dish so refreshing and not overly sweet. When we were tasting this cake, all we could think of was just how good this would be paired with a cup of our Mouseketea black tea with tart blackberry and raspberry. Yum!

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epcot flower and garden 2022 food vegan coconut tres leches cake

The best Vegan Dessert in Epcot

And last, but definitely not least, from the La Isla Fresca kiosk we tried the coconut tres leches. This was a real treat and was all new to us. This was a pillowy vanilla cake soaked in oat milk and almond milk then topped with coconut whipped cream and toasted coconut shreds. This was Nicolette’s favorite dessert! 


And of course, in true Florida fashion, when we finally got to the front of the line, it started pouring. So Nicolette carried it under her poncho to find a safe haven in the Morocco Pavilion. Side note, this pavilion becomes absolutely stunning in the rain!

epcot flower and garden 2022 food vegan coconut tres leches cake
Morocco Pavilion epcot rain
seven dwarfs epcot flower topiaries

Epcot Garden Graze 2022

If you are already planning on trying some of the vegan snacks, filling up your Garden Graze stamps won’t be difficult. Once you collect 5 stamps, you can show your stamps at the Pineapple Promenade booth to receive your complimentary mango lime dole whip in a souvenir plastic cup. Oddly, the dole whip came with a chocolate disk that was not vegan, but you can request to get one without. You also got a packet of wildflower seeds this year. 

If there are any dishes on the list that you don’t like, you can always double up on something else. 

I didn’t get a picture of the lime dole whip this year, but I did use the souvenir cup to make a planter! With the cups from 2022 and 2011, I just drilled a couple hole in the bottom and voila, planters. 

epcot flower and garden 2022 food vegan garden graze dole whip
garden graze diy planters epcot flower cups


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