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These three herbal and caffeine free blends hail from the dwarfs’ cottage deep in the woods. Since they are all out there by themselves, they have learned to keep healthy with natural tea remedies. These blends use ingredients like potent roots, flowers, berries, leaves and herbs that when steeped in hot water, release mild healing properties. 

Eventually, we will get the dwarfs’ whole tea collection, but for now, we have their cottage remedies for sleep with Sleepy, flu & cold with Doc, and allergies & sniffles with Sneezy.

These teas are not medicine or designed to cure any health ailments; consult your doctor before using herbal therapy


If you are having trouble sleeping, this cottage remedy will have you yawning in no time. Wake up refreshed and off to work you go!

Everyone has trouble sleeping sometimes. Whether it’s stress related, or you maybe had too much caffeine or excitement before bedtime, every once in a while we all have some trouble falling asleep. Before you reach for the pills, you should definitely try this herbal sleepy time tea. Just like in Snow White, Sleepy has no problem falling asleep, so we all should follow his advice and try some of his herbal tea!

Made completely of caffeine free herbs like chamomile, peppermint and valerian root, this blend will definitely help you relax and fall asleep. The main flavor is very comforting and will be herbaceous and lightly floral with mint.

Sleepy Ingredients:

chamomile, peppermint, passion flower, yarrow, valerian root, marigold petals, lemon balm

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Doc’s fix-it tonic immunity boost will have you feeling right in no time. This cottage remedy can help give your body support and ease common cold symptoms. 

When you start feeling run-down or a little under the weather, that means it’s time to see the Doc!  Doc has formulated this powerhouse herbal tea to help boost your immune system and make you feel like new again. This caffeine free healthy tea contains elderberries to help with upper respiratory ailments, hibiscus to give a boost of vitamin C, nettle leaves to provide natural antihistamine, echinacea which has been shown to boost the immune system, and ginger which helps fight inflammation and sooth a sore throat. 

The taste is a mix of tart, sweet, fruity and spicy that the whole family will enjoy with predominant flavors of dark berries and ginger. Good all by itself or add a little honey or agave if you would like.

Doc Ingredients:

hibiscus flowers, elderberries, echinacea, nettle, raisins, berry flavor, black currants

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Ah ah aaahh-choooo!!! Stop those pesky sniffles with this natural cottage remedy. With a soothing taste, antihistamine properties, and sinus clearing peppermint, this blend is a must have for your herbal toolkit.  

If allergies get you sneezing every spring, or if you have hay fever like our pal Sneezy of the Seven Dwarfs, then you need to get your hands on some of our Sneezy herbal tea blend. This caffeine free blend contains only healthy, dried herbs and nothing else. These herbs act together as a natural antihistamine and we have been using it for years with lots of success from friends and family. The taste is pleasant with an overall flavor of mint and lemongrass.

Sneezy Ingredients:

lemongrass, nettle, peppermint, thyme, licorice root, echinacea, fennel seed, astragalus

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